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Turn Halloween candy into decadent brownies for a dangerously tasty treat

Use Halloween candy in these dangerously delicious brownies, which freeze well so you can savor them for weeks (if you have willpower).
/ Source: TODAY

The abundance of candy before and after Halloween isn’t necessarily a problem, but it can make a life of moderation problematic. Fun size candy bars creep up everywhere: in the break room at work, in little bowls at reception desks, and in various stashes at home—out of sight, out of mind, right?

Halloween candy brownies
Samara Linnell

One tactic is to confront the candy head-on and beat it at its own game, using it as a main ingredient in the most outrageous brownies ever created. This dessert is essentially candy bars bound with brownie batter, a baked confection. Cut them into tiny squares, like truffles. A combination of Twix, Snickers, and Milky Way bars in these is especially nice. Every bite offers a variety of textures, from crunchy nuts to sticky caramel to smooth-melting milk chocolate.

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Thus transformed, your once-average Halloween candy will blow minds. Tightly wrapped in plastic, these brownies freeze well, allowing you to parcel a batch out piece by piece over an extended period of time. Or not.