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The TSA shared a charcuterie tackle box on Instagram — and it's brie-lliant

The TSA confirmed that holiday travelers can bring their charcuterie along for the ride — as long as the food is all solid.
TSA charcuterie box
The TSA's got jokes — cheesy ones.@TSA / Instagram
/ Source: TODAY

Holiday snackers, rejoice — the Transportation Security Administration has confirmed you can carry on a charcuterie board while traveling by air. A very specific type of charcuterie board, that is.

The TSA said in a cheesy, pun-filled Instagram post that passengers "better brie-live" that "olive" a charcuterie spread can "board the plane with you" as long as it doesn't involve liquid.

"So whatever solid food meats your needs, go ahead and pack it," the agency wrote, alongside an image of a neatly-organized tackle box-turned-charcuterie board.

The security agency also took a moment to advertise their "What Can I Bring?" tool, which allows travelers to look up rules around specific products. The tool explains whether an item can be placed in a carry-on bag or has to be checked, and includes any relevant details or exceptions.

"You'll be grapeful for all the supportive information," the TSA wrote on Instagram.

Commenters were delighted by the TSA's pun-derful post.

"I don't think there's a part of this post that isn't awesome," commented one person.

"You guys at TSA are hilarious!!!" added another.

Others praised the ingenuity of whoever packed the charcuterie, which was quickly dubbed a "snacklebox."

"I want the seat next to this person," joked one commenter.

It's not the first time the TSA's Instagram account has garnered praise: It's actually won several awards for its witty content.

"We’re not in the entertainment business, but mixing humor with our messaging has been a very successful formula for us," said TSA's former social media lead, Bob Burns, who used to run and write the captions for the famous Instagram account, in a 2018 press release, before he died later that year. The account was honored with three Webby Awards, which honor "excellence on the Internet."

In addition to critical acclaim, the account has over 1 million followers. Most of the posts shared on the account focus on confirming what items can and can't be brought on planes, but a healthy dose of puns and jokes make typically dull content much more fun. In a 2019 press release, the agency praised the account's unique tone.

"Bob was an icon at TSA," said Jim Gregory, Deputy Assistant Administrator for Strategic Communications and Public Affairs, in a press release announcing the "Blogger Bob" Award in 2019. "Before I started working here, I knew his name. His work, his writing and his wit made me feel like TSA was something I wanted to be part of. Bob impacted nearly a million (now over a million) followers on Instagram each week. He was the reason so many people — from senators to journalists to business leaders to other government agencies — all said TSA has such great social media."

Needless to say, we think Burns would be proud of this recent Instagram post, which puts the "cute" in "charcuterie."