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Wendy’s went on an epic roasting spree on Twitter

The fast-food chain went after competitors, customers and even morning shows.

No one is safe when Wendy's serves up epic burns on National Roast Day — not even TODAY.

The burger chain's Twitter account is notoriously cheeky, but once a year, on Feb. 12, it steps up its game even more to celebrate the made-up (but now very real) holiday and send not-so-subtle jabs at its competitors and customers alike.

Wendy's Twitter kicked off this year's National Roast Day by encouraging fans to take advantage of a hot promotion in its app. But the shameless self-promotion was also a joke in and of itself.

"Oh, and don’t forget to get free medium fries with purchase, in the app. Gotta do something with all this salt."

Over the course of the day, the fast-food chain sent out a series of sassy tweets targeted at many other brands, including Oreo, which it also roasted last year.

Wendy's even poked fun at TODAY's name in response to the Hoda & Jenna Twitter account, making us all LOL.

Many brands, including Monster Energy, requested a custom roast from Wendy's on National Roast Day, and the chain was happy to oblige.

The Twitter account poked fun at several alcoholic beverage brands, including Bud Light, who posted a photo of a Pumpkin Spice Bud Light Seltzer with the caption "Don't hold back."

Wendy's also offered their honest (and hilariously harsh) opinion of Malibu Rum.

Naturally, the restaurant sent some funny jabs in the direction of some of its fast-food competitors, including Jack in the Box, while subtweeting its arch nemesis, McDonald's.

When A&W Restaurants instructed Wendy's to do their worst, the fast-food chain was happy to throw a zing their way.

Velveeta was also a target of the Twitter account's sassy roasting spree.

At one point in the day, Wendy's suggested that 7-Eleven's signature hot dogs are a bit too charbroiled.

The convenience store chain quickly flipped the script and replied, writing, "your roasts this year are just like your nuggets: lacking spice."

When Coca-Cola raised its hand and asked for its own joke, Wendy's sent the beverage brand a strongly-worded request about one of its recent product launches.

The fast-food chain took a moment to make fun of Yoplait’s yogurt commercials, too.

But one of our favorite roasts of the day was directed at Aflac insurance, whose spokesperson duck appears in all of its ads. Wendy's took things to a whole new level when it posted a photo of a roasted duck on a platter in response to Aflac saying, "Roast us." And honestly, it had us quacking up.