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Are vacations for being healthy or ‘drinking alcohol & eating garbage’? Debate rages on social media

Is "drinking fresh juice & eating fruit" the way to go on holiday?
You're on vacation. Are you grabbing the beer or the green juice?
You're on vacation. Are you grabbing the beer or the green juice?Jonathon Davison / mikroman6 / Getty Images stock

Have you ever gone on a vacation, say to sunny and historic Savannah, Georgia, accidentally drank a bit too much on your first night because you misjudged how generous the city’s fine bars are with their whiskey and Cokes, then missed the full second day of your vacation because you needed to recover in your hotel room with the shades drawn?

Well, one TODAY writer may have been there and may see where a viral tweet about keeping it healthy while on holiday is coming from.

On Tuesday, July 5, a tweet about staying healthy on vacation struck a chord on the social media platform. In the post by Daisey Miller, who goes by @lilplantmami on Twitter, she waxes poetic about her plans for an upcoming trip. 

“We’re not drinking alcohol & eating garbage on vacation,” Miller tweeted, which was retweeted more than 5,000 times. “We’re waking up at 5am for sunrise beach yoga, drinking fresh juice & eating fruit for 2 weeks.”

As is the case with most takes on Twitter, there are folks who firmly sit on both sides of the table. There were some folks that applauded her for her tweet, opining that a vacation is distinctly for recharging your physical and mental batteries.

“Imagine how refreshed you would be if you went on vacation and did this?!” said one user replied, adding their opinion that the point of a vacation is to relax. “Y’all be drinking the whole time and come back exhausted. Pointless.”

However, quite a few folks have ideas that oppose Miller’s when it comes to their ideal vacation itinerary, which may include sleeping in, cocktail umbrellas and more debaucherous activities.

“If I don’t have a pina colada in my hand by 8 am, I don’t want it,” tweeted one person.

"Sounds like a horrible time to me," said another Twitter user.

“Me realizing we went to a wellness retreat,” said an additional Twitter user along with a photo of a sad-looking lady in sunglasses. This response to the original tweet has also gone viral, receiving almost 50,000 likes. People feel strongly about their vacations, it seems! 

While many of the responses to Miller do so in jest, some of the replies on the original tweet are more pointed. After her tweet went viral, Miller said that she received “24+ hrs of constant hate and slander.” 

“The response to my tweet was honestly so surprising to me,” Miller told TODAY Food in a direct message. Miller, who owns a holistic beauty company based out of Sacramento, California, said she was just posting her thoughts in excitement about an upcoming honeymoon with her husband and wasn’t expecting much of a response. “I was met with so many angry people calling me names, making fun, and threatening me.”

Miller has appreciated the kind support she’s received and said it’s come mostly from friends and mutuals that follow her and saw all the negative comments she was getting. “They messaged me wishing me and my husband a safe and happy trip, encouraging our sobriety, and just being kind,” she said.

No matter what you think the perfect trip consists of, this much is true: A vacation is meant to be a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Perhaps we should all have that mindset the next time we sign on to social media.