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Video of woman showing off all the ramekins she’s taken from restaurants goes viral

She warns us by saying "Get ready; it's a lot," but we were still not prepared for the amount of stolen dishware in her arsenal.
That's a lot of sauce dishes!
That's a lot of sauce dishes!Getty Images / @kearayue via TikTok

A TikTok is making the rounds that shows one woman who is definitely very capable of serving a banquet of sauces in the comfort of her own home.

On Friday, Twitter user @bonecarrier shared a now-deleted TikTok of a woman showing off her ramekin haul that she’s collected from various restaurants. In the video, which has been viewed over 4.7 million times on Twitter, a woman responds to a TikTok from user @antmanwrld where he scolds "guests who put (ramekins) in their to-go boxes" by pulling out her hoard from storage, explaining each individual pile of serving implements as she goes.

“Get ready; it’s a lot,” says @kearayue (a now-hidden account) in her TikTok, before taking out a small pile of ceramic ramekins. Then she slides a bigger pile of metal sauce cups into frame. Then another pile … and another … and another. The woman manages to show upwards of 50 or so serving bowls, ramekins and other dishes that she readily admits she took from restaurants before moving on to other items lifted from restaurant dining rooms now in her grasp.

“The entire hibachi and sushi ensemble, including the spoon,” she said, continuing the show-and-tell of her reams of restaurant ramekins. The woman then moves to displaying other kitchen wares including mugs, spoons, a gravy boat, two fry baskets “from Red Robin,” bowls, plates and somehow, an entire pitcher.

At one point, she reaches off-screen to pull out a further collection of items taken from restaurants stored in a shopping basket from the grocery store Weis, which just to point out, is an item not available for sale on its website.

“I wanted a set of four for my kitchen,” she says as she shows four plates she takes out of the shopping basket before sharing that not only has she taken bowls from Panera when it served food in ceramic dishes, but also now that it uses dishwasher-safe plastic, indicating that she’s been doing this for quite some time.

The woman completes the video by showing off three glass cups she also has taken from restaurants before letting viewers know that the trio is “not all of them, though.”

“This is so triflin lmaoooooo,” said @bonecarrier in the initial tweet, mirroring the general mood of people who weighed in on this woman’s restaurant dishware collection, and with over 2,500 comments, many people had a lot to say.

“girl, you are going to jail,” replied one Twitter user.

“The servers at all the restaurants probably have her picture up in the back,” tweeted another person.

“They about to fax her pic to every restaurant,” wrote another Twitter user.

“we just gonna ignore the shoping basket too??” tweeted one person, to which another replied, “The shopping basket, all those plants were probably outside the restaurants, and the cat used to belong to the local bodega.”

One user even pointed out that before the video was taken off TikTok, Panera’s account commented “nice collection.......” in the comments.

Folks elsewhere on the internet also took to their keyboards to weigh in. On a post sharing the clip on the subreddit r/TikTokCringe titled, “Kleptomania personified,” many shared the same sentiments as Twitter users who viewed the video.

“Me fully expecting her to pull out pots and pans next,” commented one Redditor.

“Then we hear a terrible scraping as she pushes a table in frame to display the stolen dining set,” added another Redditor.

“She really does have a problem,” commented yet another person on Reddit. “I mean even if it was just the ramekins she’d still have a problem because it’s clear that she doesn’t need any of these items. She’s not satisfying anything except her desire to keep these items. I wouldn’t even know what to do with half of these weirdly sized dishes honestly. AND SHES GOT A SHOPPING BASKET.”

Even so, some folks supported her ramekin-lifting hobby, leaving comments like “good for her,” and other words of encouragement.

“I know she leave the restaurant grinning,” tweeted one person.