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Which spoon would you choose? Viral TikTok stirs up debate

“Now there’s clearly a winner spoon here. Is it only me?” asked the TikTok user.

A TikToker in the U.K. has started a viral debate, and the scoop comes straight from their cutlery drawer.

On Feb. 9, TikTok user shared a video that has since garnered nearly 11 million views. In the video, the user posed a seemingly simple question about utensil preferences that stirred up quite a conversation.

“I’m really hoping I can find my people here,” the TikToker said in the video. “I have recently found out that there are some people in the world that can go into a cutlery drawer and pick either of these spoons, doesn’t matter to them.”

The user then paused momentarily, allowing the viewer to focus on the two spoons, which both appear to be smaller in size. “Now there’s clearly a winner spoon here. Is it only me?” they asked.

“Now we’ve got option number one,” the user said while holding up the spoon on the left, a shiny and smooth-looking spoon, free of any engravings or adornments.

“And option number two,” they said, picking up a slightly more ornate-looking spoon, complete with a pointier bowl and beveled edges. 

“Which one would you pick?” the TikToker asked.

For most, it seems, this question is a straightforward one, but not all the commenters are in agreement. The booming comments section of the video shows that everyone thinks their spoon choice is the correct one.

“1, only 1,” said one user.

“2, absolutely 2,” said someone else.

“1 is softer,” explained another TikToker.

“Always 2, it’s a comfortable depth,” said yet another user.

“One!! I feel an ick when I pick up cutlery with a hard edge,” said yet another.

Which spoon are you grabbing out of the cutlery drawer?
Which spoon are you grabbing out of the cutlery drawer?@Mum.Me.And.Emily via TikTok

Some users were more fervent than others in their choices.

“100% spoon 2,” commented another person. “Get that first spoon outta here.”

“I WONT EVEN TOUCH OPTION NUMBER 2!!!” one user passionately exclaimed.

“#1 would be ‘too heavy’ so it would affect my taste/enjoyment. lightweight cutlery for optimum taste and agility!!!” commented another TikToker, firm in their choice of the beveled spoon. “Would walk the house searching for #2 then wash it vs using #1.”

And further still, one user, like Switzerland, stayed neutral in the war of the spoons, and said, “1 is for eating yogurts or desserts, 2 is for making tea and coffee.”

Many wondered in the comments section and asked the original poster — begged even — for their take on the viral discussion they ignited. So, on Feb. 11, two days and thousands upon thousands of comments later, revealed what they would choose out of the two spoons.

“So first, I’d like to preface that I wasn’t expecting the response that I got on this video,” they said in their follow-up video which has since also gone viral. (People really wanted to know which one they picked.)

“I’m actually nervous to give my answer because obviously it’s going to disappoint quite a lot of people,” they said. “But my answer is, of course, option number one. It has to be.”

The user then explained why they made their choice.

“This one, the ridges … It’s too sharp,” they said before conceding that the spoon on option number two is "pretty good" but the ridges are a dealbreaker. “It bothers me.”

The TikToker added that option number two is only ever used for stirring and number one is their preferred choice for best spoon. “This is the winner,” they said.

Regardless of the spoon you picked, we're sure we can all agree on one thing: Small spoons over big spoons, forever.