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Woman’s ‘unhinged’ (but genius) hack for eating ramen goes viral

"Sometimes, very rarely, this app shows me something that changes me forever like this," said one commenter on TikTok.
The TikTok ramen hack in action.
The TikTok ramen hack in action.@bribri_is_wheezy via TikTok

Every now and again, someone on the internet challenges the way you do something and makes you reconsider everything you thought you knew. This is one of those times.

On Tuesday, TikToker @bribri_is_wheezy posted a ramen-eating hack she utilizes to eat the noodles and sip the broth using only one hand, no bowl-slurp necessary.

“Perhaps this is unhinged,” reads the text on the now-viral video. “But my pro tip is I eat my ramen at home with 2 reusable straws so I can pick up the noodles & slurp my broth with one hand.”

As “Bad Habit” by Steve Lacy bops in the background of the video titled “Im grasping at straws,” you see the TikToker do just that — and with 2.8 million views and more than 307,000 likes, this hack is a certified banger. Many users took to the comment section to laud @bribri_is_wheezy on her clever use of engineering with utensils many of us already have sitting in our cutlery drawers.

“Sometimes, very rarely, this app shows me something that changes me forever like this,” said one commenter on TikTok.

“This is oscar isaac with the cheetos level engineering,” said another commenter, referencing a viral "She-Hulk" and Oscar Isaac cheeto-eating technique.

“This just changed my worldview. It might also have healed some childhood trauma,” said another TikTok user, to which she replied, “Anything I can do to heal.” 

“I gasped,” said another TikTok commenter. 

Still, there are people who take umbrage with her soup-eating technique and have many questions about why she doesn’t just slurp her soup like people have been doing since ramen was invented in the 1800s.

“Feels illegal,” commented one TikTok user.

“Using a straw for hot liquids is scary,” said another TikTok commenter.

Other users said that showing the clip to their spouses made them “irate” and made some want to “call the FBI.”

Unabated, @bribri_is_wheezy responded to some of the comments on her original hack as the questions rolled in.

“To everyone saying ‘just sip from the bowl’: the bowl the ramen place gave me here has a lip and I couldn’t tip it to sip easily,” she said in a reply to the anti-straw contingent in her comment section.

The TikToker’s ramen hack became such a point of discussion that a day later she created a follow-up video addressing some of the concerns people have with the way she eats soup.

“‘Are the straws dangerous?’ I don’t think so? I really don’t eat soup when it’s boiling, so that’s something I already have going for me in terms of safety measures,” said @bribri_is_wheezy in a tongue-in-cheek response to one of the questions. The TikToker did not immediately respond to TODAY Food's request for comment.

In “ADDRESSING THE CONTROVERSY: (I ate my ramen with straws),” @bribri_is_wheezy answers several probing questions that commenters have had for her about the way she eats ramen, including fielding thoughts on the fact that they feel like it’s bad manners to drink soup with a straw in public spaces, if she’s thought about patenting her idea and that they think it’s gross to drink savory liquids through a straw. These are all questions the TikToker answers with wry humor. It’s clear no one has told these commenters about bloody marys!

Near the end the video, the social media ramen influencer answers the question “are you nobel prize nominee or the scourge of the earth?” by answering truthfully, honestly and in that salty way we’ve come to expect from a ramen genius such as herself. 

“Why not both? I don’t think these things have to be mutually exclusive,” she said. “Although, I don’t think that I’m a genius, I think that I am just unhinged.”