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Lindsay Lohan is trying to make Pepsi and milk happen … in her ‘Mean Girls’ Santa outfit

Dirty soda is super fetch, according to Lindsay Lohan.

On Wednesdays, we may wear pink, but in December, we drink … "Pilk"?

On Dec. 1, Pepsi announced a brand partnership with Lindsay Lohan just in time for Santa’s annual visit at the end of the month. This season, Pepsi and Lohan want you to try something a little more “naughty” than the classic pairing of milk and cookies by the fireplace: Pepsi and milk … and cookies.

“Nice,” says Lohan in a TikTok where she's donning a version of her "Jingle Bell Rock" winter talent show outfit from “Mean Girls” while pouring a nice tall glass of Pepsi — but she’s not done.

“Naughty,” Lohan says, adding a heaping helping of milk to her drink, the taupe mocktail swirling together like a melted root beer float in her glass. “Pepsi and milk … Pilk! That is one dirty soda,” she adds.

Commenters under Lohan's TikTok shared in both the joy of the season and Lohan’s tremendous return to our screens, both silver and small.

“I love the ‘pilk’, that’s so fetch!!!” said one user on TikTok, using a “Mean Girls” reference that was far from the only one.

"I saw Lindsay drinking Pepsi and milk, so I started drinking Pepsi and milk," wrote another.

“On wednesdays we drink pilk,” said yet another.

Many commenters were just thrilled to see Lohan on their For You page.

"I am living for Lindsay beying back!!" exclaimed one TikTok user.

“The Lindsanaissance is upon us,” declared another.

“I’m going into 2023 with Lindsay Lohan revival energy,” wrote yet another.

Pepsi also tapped Lohan to appear in a Santa-centric commercial that sees the “Falling for Christmas” star be gifted a Pilky treat by ol’ Saint Nick himself.

Pepsi describes the combo that they’ve named "Pilk" as a "delicious" and "must-have" drink that pairs Pepsi with milk. The soda company also mentions the drink is “traditionally” topped with creamer.

If you’re wondering how a drink that was just introduced today can have a traditional style, the drink is a riff on the Mountain West phenomenon known as a dirty soda.

Dirty sodas are a trendy type of nonalcoholic drink that originally sprung from the the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) community in Utah in the last decade. Combining dairy (like cream or milk) with sodas, flavored syrups and sometimes fruit, dirty soda gained viral fame on TikTok in spring of 2022.

Pepsi has also asked fans to “join the naughty list” by trying out the combination for themselves, promising to give 25 lucky fans a chance to win cash as well.

Folks can enter the contest by sharing a photo or video of their “Pilk and Cookies” creations on Instagram, Twitter or TikTok, following Pepsi on social media and tagging their entry with #PilkandCookies #Sweepstakes.

“Partnering with Pepsi to announce Pilk and Cookies has been an incredible experience,” said Lohan in a press release. “As someone who loves the holiday season and embracing new traditions, I was thrilled to have a little bit of fun with Pepsi and their take on the dirty soda.”

PEPSI Pilk and Cookies
Pepsi's “Pilk” and Cookies, a (perhaps) new “dirty soda” holiday tradition.PEPSI

Lohan said she was a bit skeptical when she first heard of this pairing, just like you might be, but after her first sip she was amazed at how delicious it was.

“I’m very excited for the rest of the world to try it,” she said. (Just to say it, though, in the clip itself, the camera cuts away before she actually drinks any of it, so you’ll have to take her word for it.)

Still, if the comments under Lohan’s clips are any indication, the "Lindsanaissance" is truly here, and that is surely something to celebrate.