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We dare you not to spit-take at Kevin Hart and The Rock slapping each other with tortillas

The two actors took part in the latest TikTok challenge and it was all out hilarious.

TikTok’s Tortilla Challenge slaps even harder when Kevin Hart and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson are at the helm.

The two stars of “DC League of Super-Pets” tried their hands at the hilarious TikTok trend, which requires participants to see who can slap each other hardest with the help of the round unleavened bread. Different takes on the TikTok challenge range from romantic couples being forced to do their best against their nearest and dearest to opponents having to keep their composure with the pressure of holding a gulp of water in their mouth without letting it burst from their lips.

Like the two over-the-top performers that they are, Hart and Johnson upped the stakes of the challenge by deciding who got to slap who by playing Rock Paper Scissors and also filling their mouths with water.

On Wednesday, Johnson shared his tortilla slap down with Hart on his Instagram page with a video that has already been viewed nearly 10 million times.

“You can tell @KevinHart4Real has been waiting for the day he can finally slap the sh*t out of me with no consequences,” the former professional wrestler wrote in the caption of his post.

“This will be the funniest thing,” Hart chuckles at the start of the video. After winning the first round of Rock Paper Scissors, Hart scored the chance to slap Johnson with a limp tortilla and won a second time in a row, much to the towering actor’s chagrin.

Though Johnson never won a round of Rock Paper Scissors, he did manage to give Hart a hardy old slap with a tortilla after the comedian became too overwhelmed by the hilarity of the entire thing to hold in his mouthful of water.

“Go, go, go! Hurry up!” Hart squeals at the end of the video, begging his co-star to get the slap over.

“You busted my eardrum,” Johnson accused at the end of the clip. “Never again.”

Fans of the video took to the comments of the video, sharing their amusement.

“Kevin was so happy for this moment,” one user remarked.

“I laughed for 2 minutes straight,” another commented.

“I loooooove when these 2 get together,” another replied. “Straight COMEDY.”