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This Fruit Roll-Ups and ice cream snack is going viral for its ‘crunch factor’

And it doesn't require any freezer time. Instant crunch satisfaction.

There’s a new sweet treat rolling its way through TikTok: ice cream wrapped in a Fruit Roll-Up.

Aside from just being tasty, it's capturing people’s attention for the satisfying, ASMR-inducing crunch the combination achieves without spending any time in the freezer.

Golnar Ghavami, who goes by @golisdream on social media, started the trend in February after posting a video of herself assembling and eating it on TikTok.

In an interview with, the Los Angeles local says she decided to make this dessert — which she’s been eating for years — after coming home from a party.

"I came home and had a craving for a crunch," she says. "I didn’t want anything salty, like a cracker or chips, and I said, 'You know what, how about something sweet?' Since I didn’t have dessert."

"So, I went to the freezer, got my mango ice cream and Fruit Roll-Up and said, 'You know, I’m gonna tape it and share it with people, they may like it,'" she adds.

And sure enough, they did. Her original TikTok has nearly 10 million views and people trying their own variations on the dessert left and right.

“You don’t have to put it in the freezer. But I like to. So it’s completely crunchy,” @trinhdoesthings commented on a video she posted of her participating in the trend. The same TikToker actually has a video from 2021 in which she makes a version of the treat.

While Ghavami doesn’t exactly remember when or where she found out about this combination (perhaps @trinhdoesthings' 2021 video?), she says what she loves about the combination most about it is that it doesn’t require freezer time. And, she adds, you can make it using whatever flavor of ice cream and Fruit Roll-Ups you like.

“As I touch it, it crunches,” she says. “So why even bother to put it in the freezer or something to get so much cooler for the teeth. That was the whole purpose of it, not to put it in the freezer and it will still crunch.”

And it seems that crunch factor is what has resonated with people on TikTok.

"I gasped! Didn’t expect the crunch factor! Wow!" one TikToker commented on her video.

"omg the fruit roll up freezes that fast?? the ice cream was on there for so little and it was already crunchy???" another user commented.

Since going viral, Ghavami says she's loved seeing people's re-creations of the dessert. "I love the fact that people are loving it and enjoying it," she says.

"The communication and the connection I have with these people is the most important thing," she adds, talking about how her inbox has been flooded with positive messages.

One TikTok user, @alyssaabina, tried the dessert with a Blue Raspberry Fruit Roll-Up and Talenti mango sorbet. Another TikTok user, @hope_zuckerbrow, made hers with pineapple coconut ice cream with a tropical Fruit Roll-Up.

"That is good and it's really fun," she says after eating her combination.

In @_bossvin's video, he uses vanilla ice cream.

"How does this taste so good?" he says as he takes a bite. "Insane. You're getting so many different textures. You're getting the crunchiness, the cold, all the sweet flavors. This is amazing."

Caviar influencer and snack enthusiast Danielle Matzon (née Zaslavsky; @dzaslavsky on TikTok) tried the food challenge with her husband.

"This is really good," she says as the dessert melts all over her hands, though she does achieve those coveted crunch sounds.

"Too Hot to Handle" and "Perfect Match" reality star Francesca Farago (@francescafarago on TikTok) also hopped on the trend, trying the treat with her boyfriend Jesse Sullivan and (off-screen) his kid Arlo.

"Oh my god, oh my god," she says, diving in for a second round of the treat. They all conclude that vanilla ice cream is the way to go.

"This is really good. You guys have to try this," Farago says.