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This Goldfish commercial didn’t exactly win any awards during the Grammys

But it sure got people talking — well, complaining.
Orange background with white text that says "The Snack that smiles back" with #GoldfishJingle below
A screengrab of the commercial that got people talking on Sunday night.Courtesy of Goldfish
/ Source: TODAY

If you were watching the Grammys on Sunday night, you might have gotten a decidedly non-award-winning song stuck in your head: the Goldfish theme song.

The company aired a commercial several times playing just the same few iconic notes repeatedly.

“The snack that smiles back / Hey that’s one catchy track / You can’t not sing it back / Now write some words that match / Then go and tweet us that,” the first installment reads, with white text on a bright orange background and a bouncing Goldfish for easy singalong purposes.

The minute-long version of the ad posted on Goldfish’s YouTube goes on to give some nonsensical suggestions like “a pair of wrinkled slacks” and “the moon, chalk, chess and cats.”

In the version that aired during the show, however, the words make more sense, explaining again that the company is just having fun with the jingle.

“But you’ve been jingle hacked” the second installment of the ad read. “Now go give it a crack.”

In total, the commercial aired three different versions during the telecast on Sunday night.

Online, people seemed mostly frustrated by the redundant-sounding commercial.

“the smack that smiles back,” one person tweeted, with the infamous photo of Will Smith hitting Chris Rock at the Oscars.

“don’t know who thought of that little #GoldfishJingle thing but I’ve never been more tempted to attack my tv,” another person posted.

“100% the #GoldfishJingle commercial is probably the most annoying commercial I have ever seen. But shout out to your marketing team because here I am tweeting about it,” someone else wrote.

“#GoldfishJingle is the worst thing to happen to television and advertising internationally,” posted yet another person.

In a statement to TODAY Food, Goldfish said its ad was inspired by fans on social media recording and sharing their own versions of the 21-year-old jingle.

“Goldfish’s 21-year-old jingle was the song that got people talking at last night’s Grammys when the brand tapped into music culture in a fun, playful way,” a spokesperson said in a statement. “Music is a universal connector, and when Goldfish saw that consumers were still using the brand’s jingle on social media, sometimes even creating their own lyrics to the tune, Goldfish wanted to get more fans involved.”

The company stated that “Goldfish saw overall positive sentiment across social channels” and that the #GoldfishJingle hashtag “trended #6 on Twitter — beating Doja Cat, host Trevor Noah and Tyler the Creator.”

The brand also cited a popular TikTok video that went viral. That TikTok was shared by popular influencer Charlie Curtis-Beard, who posted a sponsored video of himself singing his own version of the song.

According to the company, the jingle was mentioned 94,000 times on Twitter in the last two years and has had more than 5 million organic views on TikTok, “so (Sunday night) provided the perfect platform to allow consumers who are playing with the Goldfish jingle to shine.”