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Photo of Emma Stone eating chicken potpie becomes hilarious meme

“Women laughing at salads are OUT! Women smiling at Chicken Pot Pies are IN!”

Awards show darling Emma Stone has added another feather to her cap: meme queen.

On Feb. 26, film journalist Rafa Sales Ross shared a thought she had about an image of Stone at the 35th Annual Producers Guild Awards, which took place the day before.

In the picture in question, taken by photographer Todd Williamson, the “Poor Things” star can be seen enjoying some food at the award show’s cocktail party.

“Why would a photographer snap a picture of Emma Stone mid-chicken pie,” Ross wrote in an X post that’s been viewed over 10 million times.

The image calls to mind countless photos of folks smiling for picture at the dinner table — and it’s due to that relatability that it has quickly become a meme.

Here are some of the best examples:

Aside from memes, others shared their hilarious reactions to the photo:

Some posted pictures taken of them that have the same energy as the image of Stone.

“My mom taking my picture with big matzoh ball soup this weekend,” wrote one X user, showing that stars really are just like us.