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Balenciaga serves up Lay’s potato chip handbags that cost $1,500

And no, it doesn't look like they come with chips inside.
How deep does your love for chips go?
How deep does your love for chips go?@demnagram via Instagram

You'll have to chip into your savings if you want to get your hands on Balenciaga's new Lay’s-inspired handbags.

The luxury fashion house just debuted several purses that look just like bags of potato chips — but they're a lot more expensive than the salty snack ($1,500, to be precise).

Much like a bag of Lay's, the leather clutches have a shiny, crinkly texture and come in different colors that represent various chip flavors. In this case, the bags bear the name Balenciaga instead of an individual flavor.

It’s clear from the packaging that the brand had a hankering for several Lay’s flavors, including the following fan favorites: Salt & Vinegar, Limón, Classic and Flamin’ Hot.

According to a Balenciaga press release obtained by TODAY Food, each zippered bag (or L.O.L. Clutch, if you want to use the official product name) is made of leather “that has been treated to resemble chip bags, with a highgloss finish and crumpled effect."

Balenciaga’s creative director, Demna, recently showcased the collection on Instagram, giving his followers a look at the bag's silver interior and the nutritional information detailing on the back. The brand also debuted the bags during a recent fashion show.

To tide potential buyers over until the bags are officially on sale next summer, the Lay's crew also shared a video of Balenciaga models strutting down the runway with the crumpled bags in their hands.

In case you're wondering what would possess a designer to create a Lay's-inspired bag, the inspiration was actually quite simple. you're not alone.

"Demna loves chips in general, and has carried a bag of Lay’s potato chips as an accessory before," according to the Balenciaga press release, which added that he is also interested in "transforming everyday objects into elevated material innovations."

Many social media users weighed in on the unique accessory and commented on Demna's Instagram.

"At this point I think Balenciaga is a social experiment 😂," one critic weighed in. “Please don’t 🤮,” another wrote.

After looking at the bags, some social media users had a few suggestions for the brand.

"Can y’all actually fill it to the top with chips? Cause I’m tired. I’ll be your biggest supporter 🙏🏽," one commented. Another wrote, “Waiting for the bbq flavor 👏.”

Meanwhile, other Instagram users got cheeky in the comments section, sharing creative captions.

"Ba~Lays~iaga," one wrote. Another chimed in, writing, "Bet you cant have just one ☝️….Bag 👝🤭🤭🤭."

$1,500 is a hefty price to pay to show off your devotion to potato chips. But then again, a Lay’s-inspired handbag is certainly more appealing than a pigeon-shaped purse — just saying.

EDITOR'S NOTE (Oct. 14, 2022, 1:50 p.m. ET): This story has been updated to reflect the price of the handbag, according to a Balenciaga press release — $1,500 — not $1,800, as was previously reported.