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Trader Joe's has a new ravioli you're going to make all summer

You could order this in a fancy restaurant... or buy it at Trader Joe's for a few bucks.
/ Source: TODAY

Burrata — mozzarella's creamier cousin — is one of those trendy food ingredients we don't think we'll ever be able to get enough of.

Case in point: Trader Joe's new Sweet Corn, Burrata & Basil Ravioli. When I spotted it on shelves this weekend, I immediately tossed a couple of packages into my cart, looking over my shoulder, wondering why the whole store hadn't descended upon this refrigerated case.

Corn burrata ravioli
You won't be sorry: Trader Joe's Sweet Corn, Burrata and Basil Ravioli go for $3.49 per package and can be found in the refrigerated case.Tracy Saelinger

"Whoa! What's this?" the person at checkout exclaimed to me and then turned to a colleague: "Have you seen this?"

I always know I've struck gold at Trader Joe's when the staffers are excited about a new find, too.

It was about 10 a.m. when I got home, but I didn't care: I was having that ravioli for breakfast — and it didn't disappoint.

Corn and burrata play nicely together — then throw in pasta and basil? Mind blown.

Corn burrata ravioli
We'll be right over here, eating this corn-burrata ravioli, which we tossed with some olive oil and served on arugula.Tracy Saelinger

I boiled the pasta, tossed it in a little bit of olive oil, as the package suggested, then plated it over some arugula and sprinkled some shaved corn kernels on top for a special weekend-lunch touch. I also tried it with pesto as well, which only made it more addictive.

The pastas, which have a cheerful yellow stripe on the inside, are filled with whole, bright-yellow corn kernels, and a fluffy mixture of ricotta and burrata with bits of basil.

It's the kind of ambitious dish I dream of making from scratch in the summer, but in reality, never do. And it could easily pass as a special at a neighborhood restaurant for $22 a plate — but in this case is only $3.49 for a package of about 14 to 15 ravioli. It's worthy of a special summer dinner party — and needless to say, I'll be back for more.