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Trader Joe's launched its own YouTube channel — here's what fans can watch on it

The new Youtube channel is all about Trader Joe's with recipes, a kid-friendly mascot, podcasts and more.
Trader Joe's
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/ Source: TODAY

People who love Trader Joe's really love Trader Joe's. The products are cheap, the ready-made frozen food section is plenty and there are always free samples. Earlier this month, it even scored first place for being America's favorite grocery store.

On April 23, the California-based chain quietly created its own Youtube channel so folks nationwide could enjoy all things Trader's, all the time. As of Friday, the company had just over 1,700 subscribers.

The channel is organized into several categories, including "Recipes," "How It's Made", "Products," and illustrated shorts called "Who We Are." The recipe section partners with Bon Appétit to dish on how to create different recipes, from Chicken Thighs and Crunchy Fennel Slaw to Falafel Waffles (yes, for real).

And it's not just the Bon Appétit editors who get to show off their skills in the 3-to-5 minutes reels. The brand created a mascot called The Fearless Flyer, the kid-friendly embodiment of its monthly quarterly that goes by the same name. The Sesame Street-like puppet wears vintage pilot gear, a floral red blazer and orange bow-tie.

The "How It's Made" section shows where some of people's favorite foods come from before they hit shelves. And not just food, it also gives glimpses into some of the home products, like Peony Blossom Scented Candles advertised for Mother's Day. If you're someone who wants to see thousands of beautiful blue corn tortilla chips flutter onto a conveyor belt, it's worth watching.

Once patrons have perused the video shorts and are thirsty for more thorough content, they can dive into Trader Joe's podcast - which now lives on the YouTube channel. The podcast, which a company spokesperson told TODAY began in May 2018 for the company website, has 13 episodes that run about 20 minutes each. Every podcast addresses frequent questions the store has received from consumers over the years.

So for those who have been wondering why Trader Joe's discontinues products, charges per banana instead of by the bunch, or what's up with the TJ parking lots, wonder no more. There are answers ... and now they're all on Youtube.