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'Toy Story' fans are making their own Forky characters at home

The breakout star of the new "Toy Story" movie isn't exactly a toy, but he has an important message to share with the world.
Toy Story 4's Forky
Courtesy Everett Collection
/ Source: TODAY

The latest installment of the heartwarming "Toy Story" franchise is now in theaters and, along with Woody and Buzz Lightyear, there are plenty of new faces winning over both kids and adults.

Among the real toys featured, there's an unexpected breakout star who has proven so popular, fans are attempting to recreate him at home so they can have their very own action figure — and it's a pretty affordable way to spend an afternoon.

Forky (voiced by actor Tony Hale of "Veep" and "Arrested Development") is essentially a plastic spork — a utensil that doubles as a fork and a spoon — embroiled in an existential crisis. As a disposable object, Forky believes that his sole purpose in life is to be used to eat food ... and then thrown in the trash.

When Bonnie, the little girl who received many of Andy's old toys in "Toy Story 3," picks Forky out of the trash, he just can’t adjust to his new role as a beloved plaything and refuses to accept that he might be more than garbage. Throughout the movie, he keeps trying to throw himself back into the trash, even as the other toys try to convince him he does indeed belong in their family.

We won't spoil Forky's true fate, but like many seemingly humble additions in Pixar films, his story symbolizes something pretty powerful about self acceptance.

The character is being praised online as one of the most relatable characters throughout the whole "Toy Story" universe.

Of course, fancy toys are cool and all, but many parents know that sometimes kids often gravitate toward simpler items.

Since Forky is basically just a plastic spork with pipe cleaner arms and googly eyes stuck on him, he's actually been pretty easy to recreate. Even before "Toy Story 4" was officially in theaters, the animated utensil was winning over hearts and minds, so it's not too surprising that plenty of homemade Forkys are popping up across social media.

Earlier this month, frequent TODAY Show guest Siri Daly shared a sweet snap of her daughters with homemade cupcakes, decorated with Forky figures.

"Anyone else have a kid obsessed with the character #Forky from #ToyStory4, even though the movie hasn’t yet been released??" the mom-of-three wrote. "Made these cupcakes last night with crafts I had on hand."

Others are improvising with different colored pipe cleaners and plastic forks.

If you want your Forky to stand up on its own, just use some putty and popsicle sticks for legs.

Since Forky was made on the fly (and by a very young kid), it's almost impossible to screw up making your own version at home.

For anyone less artistically inclined, there is a readymade Forky for sale on Amazon — but there's nothing quite like making your very own toy.

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