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This toy charcuterie board is perfect for discerning toddlers

Wood accents, faux-marble and pull-apart Brie complete the foodie experience.
Pull-apart grapes and plastic crackers make for a very elaborate snack.
Pull-apart grapes and plastic crackers make for a very elaborate snack. Amazon

If the little one in your life isn't satisfied with a totally normal toy kitchen, Fisher-Price's "Snacks for Two" charcuterie board set might just be the fancy culinary upgrade they'll love.

The 15-piece set includes plastic food and utensils, along with faux marble plates and a wood-accented cutting board, along with cloth napkins. Basically, the whole thing was clearly designed by a discerning toddler with a taste for the finer things in life.

Food options in the kit include fabric salami and brie cheese, plastic pull-apart grapes and individual plastic crackers. The whole set neatly fits into an elaborately decorated storage box.

Fisher-Price Snacks for Two

The toy, which is made for children ages 3 and up, has already been highly reviewed on Amazon, with a 4.5 star rating based on over 100 reviews. However, many on social media were somewhat put off by the somewhat high-brow toy.

"Feel truly insane after looking at these product photos of a children's cheese and charcuterie board from Fisher-Price," wrote one Twitter user.

Another described it as a great gift for "the bougie kid in your life."

BuzzfeedNews deputy director David Mack summed it up in just one tweet, asking "what kind of fancy ass child" would use the playset.

Others have simply deemed the set as "snooty."

The product's actual description also pokes fun at the fancy nature of the set, explaining that it allows toddlers to "basically live their absolute best life" while slicing, sharing and serving "a delicious spread."

Others only mourned that the set hadn't been available earlier. One mom shared a personal anecdote about how her kids used "kid-friendly knives to help create real charcuterie boards" as toddlers, and would have loved the toy set if it had been on sale years ago.

Some just wanted the set for themselves.

"I don't even have children but I am absolutely consumed by these tiny fabric brie and salami slices," wrote one fan.

"Fisher Price has charcuterie sets and I don't know why I love this so much," said another.

If you do still need a gift for the fanciest toddler in your life — or a young-at-heart adult — the set is on sale for 20% off, and Amazon is still assuring customers that it will arrive before Christmas.