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People are going crazy for these over-the-top milkshakes — see why

In this episode of Hot Dish, we spotlight the kooky milkshakes at Bocas House in Florida.
/ Source: TODAY

From kooky doughnuts to technicolor Thai ice cream rolls, Americans are lining up for inventive desserts at trendy spots across the country.

But what do you drink once you've got one of these wild concoctions in hand? An over-the-top milkshake, of course!

In this episode of Hot Dish, we spotlight the crazy tricked-out milkshakes at Bocas House in Doral, Florida, that are topped with everything from cupcakes to whole ice cream cones! (Yes, really.)

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These milkshakes have over 150,000+ followers on social media, and people make reservations just to sip them at the Latin restaurant that's become a surprising major dessert destination. The top seller is the Nutella shake, which is made with a blend of vanilla ice cream and the addictive chocolate-hazelnut spread, and topped with big and small brownies, more ice cream and loads of gooey Nutella.

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Not decadent enough for you? Check out the tres leches milkshake. This one's topped with a whole ice cream cone and a big gooey slice of tres leches cake. Holy milkshake — that's three desserts in one!

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Those two shakes are always on the menu, but there are also cool specials to choose from like the birthday cake shake (above) and the stunning strawberry milkshake that's topped with pink and blue cotton candy, gumballs, a red velvet cupcake and a huge lollipop. YUM!

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