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Top 10 food trends in 2016 according to Pinterest

Pinterest predicts the top food and drink trends of 2016, including what may give coconut oil a run for its money.
/ Source: TODAY

Social media giant Pinterest just revealed its top food trends predictions for 2016 in The Pinterest 100, an annual list of trending Pins. Here, a glimpse into the rising food and drink trends that the site thinks will take over the food world in the next year, plus our take on these trends.

10. Veggie swaps

According to Pinterest, people will continue to cut calories by swapping veggies for their favorite carbs, meats and more.

Today Food's Take: We're already spiralizing vegetables to make delicious pastas, braising carrots like a hunk of beef and serving cauliflower like a hearty steak. This trend may be No. 10 on this list but we hope and think it will become the No. 1 trend over time.

9. Beertails

Today Food's Take: Wait, beer cocktails, as in beer with booze? Oh yes, we've been on board with this trend since we tasted our first Sake Bombs in college. Bring on the Beermosas!

8. Homebrews

Today Food's Take: We've tasted some great homemade beers over the past two years so we say keep them coming.

7. Gourmet heritage cuisine

Pinterest explains this trend as "gourmet spins on traditional cultural cuisines."

Today Food's Take: High-end kosher food anyone? As long as it tastes great, we're there.

6. Snacking and bento boxes

Today Food's Take: This is organization on another level. We can't help wondering if Tupperware will further this trend with a new line of portable bento boxes.

5. Pour-over coffee

Making one cup of coffee at a time by slowly pouring a steady stream of hot water from a skinny-spouted Hario kettle into a coffee-filled filter is our favorite way to make coffee at home—when we're not in a rush. Will this trend take off for families on-the-go? We're guessing not.

Today Food's Take: Don't get rid of your coffee machine just yet.

4. Savory desserts and dishes unseating sweets

Today Food's Take: Hmm. Parmesan French Toast with Hollandaise does sound delicious, but we're doubtful it or any other savory dish could take over the popularity of a gooey chocolate or caramel dessert.

3. DIY artisan olive oils

Today Food's Take: Store-bought flavored oils never taste quite right so we can get behind these.

2. Distilling your own booze

We're talking bathtub gin and homemade whiskey (which is more likely to become moonshine).

Today Food's Take: This could be fun for a one-time experiment, but the best booze is aged and we're too impatient to wait a year or two.

1. Avocado oil

According to Pinterest, it will become the new coconut oil.

Today Food's Take: Look, given the fact that avocado toast took over the internet for a few years, we would never underestimate the power of any part of the popular fruit.