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TODAY tests new Girl Scout cookies: Can you really re-create s'mores in a box?

Girls Scouts have released two takes on the beloved fireside creation, and after tasting them, we've got to say ... don't put out that fire just yet.
/ Source: TODAY

Girl Scouts have been in the cookie biz for 100 years, and if there's anything they're just as good at as making and selling those sweet treats, it's huddling around campfires and crafting the sweetest treats of all — s'mores!

So when we learned the Girl Scouts were bringing the taste of ooey-gooey toasted marshmallows, melted chocolate and crispy graham crackers to a boxed cookie, we couldn't wait to try the results.

And now we have!

The Girls Scouts have released two takes on the beloved fireside creation and after tasting them, we've got to say ... well, don't put out that fire just yet.

First up is a graham cracker cookie sandwich with a crunchy exterior and a creamy chocolate and marshmallow filling.

Girl Scout S'mores Cookies
They know cookies and they know about s'mores, so how did the Girl Scouts do with their new offerings? Above, a graham cracker cookie sandwich version. Courtesy of Girl Scouts

"The s’more flavor isn’t coming through particularly strong," TODAY producer Zoe Marcus observed.

Fellow digital producer Danielle Brennan agreed, noting the subtlety of one key ingredient. "It’s not a very strong marshmallow, but I do appreciate the crunchiness," she said.

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The second cookie to tackle the familiar flavor is a chocolate-covered graham creation with a thin layer of crème icing in the mix.

Girl Scout S'more Cookie
A chocolate covered version of the new cookieCourtesy of Girl Scouts

Food editor Emi Boscamp declared it "good," but added, "I don't taste the graham."

"Maybe it would be good in the freezer like a Thin Mint," managing editor Meena Duerson mused before adding, "It tastes really fake."

For Marcus, it comes down to one simple point: "I don’t think you can re-create a s’mores flavor."

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But take heart, s'mores lovers! We had one happy taster in our midst.

According to multimedia producer Zach Pagano, "They're not Thin Mints good, but I approve. I think I like the graham cracker sandwich version slightly better. It tastes like childhood."

Want to find out if it tastes like your childhood? The new cookies will be available in select markets when the 2017 Girl Scout cookie season gets underway.

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