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Kevin Curry, Elena Besser and Priyanka Naik share easy 30-minute meal ideas

Shrimp pasta, Buffalo falafel bites, chicken gyros and more make weeknight cooking quick and fun.
/ Source: TODAY

On this week's episode of "TODAY Table" on TODAY All Day, chefs Elena Besser, Priyanka Naik and Kevin Curry create dishes that count down to a taste bud blast off in just 30 minutes or less. With flavors from around the world, these quick meals are spiced to impress.

First, Curry joins TODAY to share three easy recipes that are perfect for speedy lunches and dinners: a 15-minute Thai-inspired shrimp pasta, a chopped salad designed for meal prep and easy cashew chicken and asparagus.

Then, Besser whips up a vegetarian mezze platter with zingy Buffalo falafel bites and vibrant pickled carrots. Naik takes us on a nostalgic journey to her mother's home city in India with a vegan dish that will transform the way you look at French toast. Finally, Curry returns to make easy, Greek-inspired chicken gyros that can be grilled on a grill pan and topped with a refreshing tzatziki sauce.

Tune in to "TODAY Table" Tuesday, April 26, at 11 am, 1:30 pm and 5 pm ET on TODAY All Day.

Kevin Curry's 30-Minute Meals

This is a 15-minute (well, maybe 20-minute if you're not a pro at multitasking) recipe that is perfect for weeknights. Plus, it uses common items like pasta and peanut butter to put together a Thai-inspired meal that warms and nourishes your body from the inside out. Don't want seafood? Make it vegetarian by using tofu instead of shrimp!

Cajun Shrimp Chopped Salad

Cooking shrimp takes minimal effort and time since it's a lean protein. You can customize this light and lively salad with your favorite leafy greens and other veggies you enjoy. Using Greek yogurt for a dressing is also a way to ensure all yogurt you purchase at the top of the week doesn't go to waste.

Cashew Chicken and Asparagus

I love adding cashews to my diet because they help curb my sweet cravings. They are slightly sweeter than some of the other raw nuts, so I’ll often eat them as a snack. They also have a naturally buttery element that makes them a fabulous addition, not just in breakfasts and snacks, but also to dinners. Here, they bring crunch to a Chinese American-inspired chicken and asparagus dish with salty soy sauce, tangy vinegar and zingy ginger.

This simple and incredibly flavorful recipe for homemade chicken gyros comes together in less than 30 minutes. The beauty of this iconic Greek dish is that it draws upon ingredients that, when combined, create the most juicy, bright and refreshing notes. Hot, grilled pita holds the tender chicken, crisp lettuce and sweet tomatoes. And it's all topped with a cooling cucumber tzatziki sauce.

Elena Besser's Buffalo falafel bites

Buffalo wings are one of my favorite foods. I actually have a framed photograph of Buffalo wings that hangs above my bed. Half of my family lives in Israel, so Middle Eastern cuisine is a big inspiration to me. This recipe is a combination of two of my favorite foods and a great weeknight meal that comes together in just 30 minutes.

Priyanka Naik's Indian-stuffed French toast

During my family's annual trip to my mother's home city, Ankali in Karnataka, India, we would spend our days at my uncle and aunt's bungalow, surrounded by farmland where everything was fresh. They would make us these delicious, spicy, egg-coated toasts with chilis, onions and spices — they were so good! When I went vegan, I obviously gave up eggs but I've been able to mimic that delightful texture with a spiced chickpea batter.