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Jake Cohen, Jocelyn Delk Adams and Alejandra Ramos make all-star holiday recipes

Make the holidays extra special this year with festive recipes from the TODAY Food All Stars.
/ Source: TODAY

The holiday season has officially begun! On this week's "TODAY Food All Stars," Jake Cohen, Jocelyn Delk Adams and Alejandra Ramos are starting the celebrations with a few of their favorite festive recipes in the TODAY All Day kitchen.

First, Jake shares the secret to making wonderfully crispy potato latkes. Next, Jocelyn Delk Adams bakes up a creamy, cheesy spinach gratin. Then Alejandra Ramos makes a show-stopping brisket braised in red wine.

"TODAY Food All Stars" airs on TODAY All Day Tuesday at 11 a.m. ET.

Jake Cohen fries up perfectly crispy potato latkes

Hanukkah may be the festival of lights, but when it comes to the food, it's really the festival of oil. There's no better way to celebrate than with a glistening platter of freshly fried latkes begging to be smothered in applesauce and sour cream.

Jocelyn Delk Adams makes a creamy spinach side dish

Creamy Spinach Gratin

Made with frozen spinach, smooth cream cheese, flavorful spices and a blend of decadent cheeses, this recipe is pure comfort food! It is an irresistible side dish that serves as the perfect accompaniment to any weeknight or holiday dinner.

Alejandra Ramos slow braises brisket in red wine sauce

Shredded brisket is perfect for entertaining friends or family since it doesn't require much active time from the cook. Simply combine all the ingredients and let the oven do the work! This is one of those dishes that tastes even better the second day, so you can prep it the day before and reheat it just before serving. The leftovers are perfect for using in tacos or sandwiches.