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Here are Hoda, Al and Savannah's favorite Halloween candies of all time

Unsurprisingly, the anchors are big fans of the combo of chocolate and peanut butter because, well, who isn't?

We all have our favorite candy — the one that made us feel giddy when we saw them dumped into our trick-or-treating baskets, the one for which we'd trade most of our Halloween bounty, the one, to this day, we just can't resist when we see it at the checkout line.

And the TODAY anchors aren't any different. Their nostalgia for childhood sweets is still going strong — especially when it comes to these specific ones:

Carson: 100 Grand Bar

Carson's favorite candy bar, the 100 Grand Bar, is all about the luxurious texture (it's slogan is "That's Rich!"): velvety chocolate, gooey caramel and crisped rice.

100 Grand Bar, $21 for 36, Amazon

Jenna: Reese’s

"Chocolate and peanut is one of the world’s greatest creations," she told us, and we couldn't agree more. The only question we have is does she pronounce it "Rees-IS" or "Rees-EES"?

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, $21 for 36, Amazon

Hoda: Hershey's Kiss

Hoda also loves Reese's (honestly, who doesn't?), but her favorite Halloween candy is a Hershey's Kiss: a simple, chocolaty bite of pure heavenly bliss.

Hershey's Kiss, $7 for 40 oz., Amazon

Savannah: Butterfinger

Like Jenna, Savannah's got a sweet spot for the combo of chocolate and peanut butter. And as opposed to the smooth-as-silk Reese's peanut butter cup, the Butterfinger is crispy and crunchy. But for Savannah, it's all about the pure sugar rush:

"I think because it was so sweet like pure sugar you could practically hear as your teeth disintegrated," she told TODAY Food.

Butterfinger, $25 for 18, Amazon

Craig: Whatchamacallit

Craig, too, has a thing for the magical combo of chocolate and peanut butter — but loves the Whatchamacallit's addition of silky caramel.

Whatchamacallit, $34 for 36, Amazon

Al: PayDay

Al also enjoys peanuts in his candy, but as the center of attention — no need for chocolate — just a little chewy caramel in the middle for the ultimate payoff — er, PayDay.

PayDay, $15 for 24, Amazon