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Al's sweet potatoes and Dylan's crab dip get chef-approved upgrades for Thanksgiving

A few tweaks take the anchors' family recipes to the next level.
/ Source: TODAY

Chefs Serena Wolf, Elizabeth Heiskell, JJ Johnson and Phil "The Grill" Johnson are teaming up with the co-hosts of the 3rd Hour of TODAY to upgrade their family-favorite holiday recipes for Thanksgiving. Wolf and Dylan Dreyer cook up creamy crab dip, Heiskell and Craig Melvin make Thanksgiving dressing balls, JJ Johnson and Al Roker prepare butternut squash casserole and "The Grill" and Sheinelle Jones whip up slow-cooked collard greens.

Crab Dip Au Gratin

This cheesy, indulgent crab dip looks and tastes impressive, but it's actually a breeze to whip up. It's the perfect fuss-free appetizer for the holidays!

Get Dylan's mom's original recipe here.

Post-Thanksgiving Hors d'Oeuvres

Only having dressing one time during the Thanksgiving holiday is a sad state. This way you can snack on delicious dressing bites for days after the holiday. They're perfect for enjoying during the game!

Get Craig's mom's original recipe here.

Sweet potato casserole topped with toasted marshmallows is a Thanksgiving staple. It was also the inspiration for this recipe. Here, I change up the classic side with different seasonal vegetables and add to the sweet topping with a jammy fruit compote.

Get Al's mom's original recipe here.

Mean Greens

Mean Greens

Phil Johnson

Collard greens one of my favorite comfort foods. Cooking them low and slow makes the leafy greens extra tender while the pork belly adds a rich smoky flavor.

Get Sheinelle's dad's original recipe here.

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