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Would you tip 100 percent for good service? Diners take on viral 'challenge'

How much do you normally tip?
Tip the Bill
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/ Source: TODAY

There's a wave of kindness sweeping through restaurants and social media these days and, unlike viral tipping "hacks" of yesteryear, this movement is leaving servers pretty pleased.

The "tip the bill challenge" (#tipthebillchallenge) is encouraging patrons to match the total tab on their meal receipts as the ultimate sign of appreciation for hardworking servers. Though the movement has picked up this week with hundreds of posts, some of the first pictures with the hashtag date back to March.

While some are considerably modest meals out (bills averaging about $20 or so), others spare no expense with tips climbing up to $75. Of course, that still doesn't hold a candle to the waitress who received $3,000 on a $44 bill.

The trend will likely get Donnie Wahlberg's stamp of approval, who once left a $2,000 tip at Waffle House in honor of his mom's experience waiting tables.

But whether the bill is small or mighty, for servers, the challenge is making their days a little brighter.

It's even bringing tears of gratitude.

Some are even trying to direct those who want to "tip the bill" toward certain restaurants ... in certain towns ... at certain times ...

Anything for a good deed, of course.

But some tweeters think tipping the whole bill is a hefty to price to pay, even for excellent service.

Without flooding an overtipping debate, the good deed is certainly getting more positive attention than the cruel tipping hack that sparked internet uproar earlier this month.