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This genius tortilla hack from TikTok makes meal prep easier than ever

The simple hack is an easy way to make flavorful wraps out of whatever's in your fridge.
/ Source: TODAY

Throughout the pandemic, TikTok has become a go-to place to find exciting new recipes and fun food hacks. A new method for making wraps at home is going viral for its ease, simplicity and flavor-filled options.

The hack is simple enough: Simply take a tortilla, cut a slit into it, and cover each of the four quarters of the tortilla with a different spread or ingredient. Once you've added your choice of flavorings, take the cut edge of the tortilla and fold it into four quarters.

From there, you can put it in a panini press for a few minutes, or place in a preheated pan until it's toasted on both sides.

The real win of this hack is how customizable it is: Samira Kazan, whose username is @alphafoodie, said that she made her version with za'atar, shredded cheese, fresh spinach and homemade chili sauce, while another viral video showed a user adding chicken nuggets and sliced cheese to their version of the snack.

Kazan said that the hack was a hit on both Instagram and TikTok.

"In couple of minutes you can amazing sweet or savoury combo," she told TODAY Food, adding that the hack worked well with leftovers and could help people lessen food waste.

One user said that they had tried the method using whatever was in their fridge, using mustard and sliced tomato in one quarter, avocado in the second, Swiss cheese in the third and tomato slices in the fourth.

Another popular video showed a user folding up breaded chicken, mixed greens, sliced tomatoes and shredded cheese for an easy chicken salad wrap.

Kazan offered several other delicious combinations, including pizza-style with tomato sauce, cheese, ham and corn, or quesadilla-style with chipotle sauce, cheese, onions, kidney beans and sour cream. Simple ingredients, like leftover chicken or homemade sauces, can easily be elevated with the trick.

Like many other TikTok hacks, the simplicity and the versatility of the method make it a winner online. Other popular hacks in 2020 have included a simple recipe for three-ingredient creme brûlée, a neat way to make Instagram-ready iced coffee using tiny ice cubes, and using a vegetable peeler to produce picture-perfect cheese slices.