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'I thought I was the only one': This carrot-chopping 'hack' is shockingly popular

This is for anyone that despises — like, really despises — doing dishes.
Be honest: Have you done tried this before?
Be honest: Have you done tried this before?annick vanderschelden photography / Getty Images

Some people just really, really hate doing dishes — but a creative TikToker came up with a way to eliminate at least one item from the pile.

In a video shared on Oct. 25, a man is filmed standing over his blender holding a carrot, but instead of chopping it with a knife or breaking it apart, he simply chomps away at it, opening his mouth to let the pieces fall into the blender.

"It's efficient," reads the caption.

Someone in the background of the video sounds at least somewhat outraged about the "hack": At the end of the clip, a voice shouts "What?" while the camera zooms in on the carrot-chomping man.

In a brief interview with TODAY Food, TikTok user Steel Jobe — who filmed the now-viral video and was responsible for the surprised shout at the end of it — confirmed that it was his roommate Kyle Christensen, 21, "chopping" up the carrots with his mouth.

Jobe, 19, also answered some of our most burning questions. Apparently the real win of the hack isn't that it saves time or eliminates some dishes: It's just the best way to make smoothies with the appliances they have.

"We don’t have a lot of money and our blender is really bad and won’t blend things unless it’s really chopped up already!" Jobe said. "So sometimes it’s laborious to cut everything up so we sometimes just cut it with our teeth!"

The comments section on the post, which has amassed nearly five million views, is deeply divided about the method.

"How can I love and hate this at the same time," joked one user, along with a series of cry-laughing emojis.

Some thought that it was "genius," saying that he was "living in 2040," while a few were more disgusted, with one user joking that they were ready to "call the police."

A shocking number of users admitted that they'd done this before.

"The way I've done this before," one wrote.

Another said, in all caps, that they had thought they were the only one to cut their vegetables this way, while some said the technique doesn't just come in handy for carrots.

"I thought I was the only one," said one user. "(I) used to cut bananas like this for my Cheerios."

"I do this with strawberries and the leafy part," said another.

Jobe said he was "definitely" surprised to see how many people said they had tried the method themselves, adding that while he and Christensen are on board with the method, some of their other roommates are more skeptical.

"When my roommate did that, all of my other roommates were freaking out, turns out it was pretty effective though," Jobe said, adding that none of the other roommates have picked up the habit.

One thing's for sure: In the time of COVID-19, if you're going to try it out for yourself, you'd better not be serving said smoothie to other people.