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Thin Mints frozen dessert bars give us a new way to indulge

Girl Scouts have a new tempting product: ice cream and Thin Mint sandwiches. Is there anything they won't do to get in our bellies?!
/ Source: TODAY

First, the Girl Scouts make it easier for us to stuff ourselves with a sleeve of Thin Mints by offering online ordering. Now, they save us the trouble of making our own ice cream and Thin Mint sandwiches, thanks to Good Humor’s new Thin Mints frozen dessert bars. Is there anything they won’t do to get in our bellies?!

5 decadent desserts made with Girl Scout cookies

Not that we’re complaining. got a sample of these treats, which are available at select stores and will hit grocery stores nationwide in April. The mint-flavored frozen filling, complete with pieces of Thin Mint cookies, is coated in chocolate for a hand-size frozen treat that’s creamy and crunchy. In other words, it’s perfection. The response from staff to these ice cream bars around the office was pretty positive, but while some people swooped in for seconds, others’ reaction can be summed up by asking, “What’s the big deal?”

Oh well. More for the rest of us!

Brandon Goodwin / TODAY

Loved it

“Perfect example of how you maintain a familiar flavor in something new and innovative. It even has that delicious Thin Mint crunch and texture to the outer coating. Just like the original Thin Mints, I want to eat the entire box.” – Brandon Goodwin

“I am a sucker for anything made of ice cream – and wrap ice cream in chocolate and I’m really hard-pressed to be critical, so I am not surprised that I really like this treat.” – Megan Steintrager

“It was an enjoyable treat that met the Thin Mint seasonal craving without the guilt of finishing off a whole sleeve of GS cookies.” – Carissa Ray

Mixed feelings, but still delicious

“I’m not quite sure what I’m eating here. It just tastes like a mint chocolate chip ice cream. Nothing too special.” – Amy Eley

“I appreciated how it was super sweet and that the chocolate layer wasn’t too thick, however I wanted more crunch. I was hoping there would be a thick layer of the nice chocolate crunch in the cookies. I appreciated the bits but I wanted more.” – Danielle Brennan

“As a verified mint-chocolate addict (with a deep affection for ice cream), a Thin Mint ice cream bar is a dream come true. I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t a chipwich-style sandwich of two big cookies stuffed with ice cream, but I did appreciate the bits of cookie crunch throughout the bar. Overall: A delicious treat I would try again.” – Emily Sher