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These slow-cooker chicken chili tacos are easy, cheap and give you leftovers

These tacos are a low-cost (it uses inexpensive chicken thighs) triple threat -- it's also a slow cooker meal and yields delish leftovers.
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Like meal plans or batch cooking, I consider a one-pot meal a strategy. I guess some could say it’s not a true strategy, but who would be silly enough to debate the point with me at the end of dinner when I’m standing amongst a pile of pots? A one-pot meal is the ultimate in clean-up tactics, especially when you want to be enjoying every drop of the season. If you can fill your dinner roster with a few one-pot wonders, then you can lean on those dishes during the work week when schedules won’t allow for a lengthy post dinner tidy. And they’re ideal for the weekend when you want more time for doing anything other than being in the kitchen. Also, when it comes to the lack of dinner mess after a long day, it’s nice knowing there is a light (and a cookie) at the end of the tunnel.

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This one-pot meal is a low-cost (it uses inexpensive chicken thighs) triple threat since it’s also a slow cooker meal, and it yields some pretty delish leftovers, especially if you double it. Can anyone say tomorrow night’s dinner too?

Chicken Chili Tacos

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Chicken Chili Tacos

Sweet Potato Chronicles

Here are some more one-pot wonders to make your summer meal times less fussy.

Fresh Tomato Spaghetti

The simple flavors of this dish use some of the season’s biggest stars like fresh tomatoes and sweet basil. It also a hearty and easy meal if you’re serving a crowd.

One-Pot Roasted Dijon Chicken

This fail-proof dish features a spicy mustard sauce with the sweetness of shallots. We like to keep the sides simple and light by pairing it with a salad or corn on the cob.

Salmon Parcels

These little packages are full of Asian flavors like ginger and soy, but they’re also a powerhouse of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins. And who doesn’t love it when dinner looks like a present?