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These 'cakes with threatening auras' perfectly sum up 2020

The account posts pictures of cakes that are strange, spooky or just generally unsettling.
Sheet Cake, with the title, 'Sheet Cake'
Alyson Aliano / Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

2020 hasn't been an easy year for anyone, but if a hilarious new social media account is anything to go by, the year has been the toughest on the bakery aisle.

"Cakes with threatening auras," an account on both Twitter and Instagram, posts pictures of cakes that are strange, spooky or just generally unsettling.

While the account only started sharing photos on Twitter in January, it has already amassed over 150,000 followers. Each post is met with hundreds of likes, retweets and comments, and each cake brings something new to the table.

The cakes are posted with no caption or explanation, and the mysterious person who runs the accounts did not respond to TODAY's request for comment. In a post on Aug. 31, the account owner (who only identified themselves as 'cake') said that they frequently receive cake submissions but most of the photos shared on the account have been "sitting on my phone since 2013 for some odd reason."

"Cakes with threatening auras" started its social media reign with a "divorce cake," where an iconic movie line was changed to meet a very specific scenario.

The "divorce cake" isn't the only sweet treat celebrating a not-so-great milestone.

One blue-and-white cake seems to serve as a notice informing someone they had to evacuate their rental property.

There were also plenty of apology cakes, including apologies for making a mess in someone's home.

Some cakes just look like the baking process had gone a little haywire. They're the complete opposite of the photorealistic cakes that went viral earlier this year: On these, messy icing and questionably replicated cartoon characters are just the tip of the iceberg.

A few of the worst offenders aren't even made of cake: Instead, they appear to be made out of hot dogs. And this, shockingly, appears more than once.

It seems like some of the cakes that appear on the account started with good intentions, but some confusion along the way made them "threatening" by the time they were done. One accidentally insulting cake resembles the "Happy Birthday Loser" cake from Walmart that went viral in 2019.

Some of the cakes reference popular memes and puns — or both.

And, of course, there are the coronavirus-themed cakes.

One cake describes 2020 better than all others, according to fans and followers: A photo shared on Instagram in August shows an elaborately decorated floral cake simply floating away in the ocean.

"Pretty much sums up 2020," wrote one user.