These black-tie treats will be the star of your Oscar bash

Skip the suits and gowns, and add an extra dash of glamour to your Oscar party by serving up these gorgeous, dressed-up desserts instead. From gold statuette cookies to tuxedo-clad cake pops, these treats — courtesy of some of our favorite bloggers— will leave your guests starstruck!

Bow tie macarons


Elegant almond macarons look even more fetching when you dress them up with bow ties. Better watch out JLaw, these beauties are going to dominate the red carpet. Get the recipe.

Red carpet cookies


Who’ll be the best-dressed at your Oscar party: your guests, or these cookies? Make these irresistibly stylish treats using your favorite sugar-cookie recipe, and read on for blogger Sweet Sugar Belle’s tips on how to use cookie cutters and icing to turn them into Red Carpet-worthy confections. Get the recipe.

Strawberry tuxedos


Fresh, plump strawberries are crying out to be painted with white and bittersweet chocolate and transformed into these fabulously chic tuxedos. Get the recipe.

Tuxedo cake pops


Another brilliant way to serve tuxedo-inspired treats: Make these cake pops with melted dark and white chocolate. Bow ties are optional--but highly encouraged. Get the recipe.

Awards night sugar cookies


Whether you’re hosting an Oscar betting pool or giving out Red Carpet awards to your most fabulously dressed party guests, these statuette-shaped cookies are the ticket. They aren’t as hard to make as they look--but they do require a special cookie cutter, decent icing skills, and toothpicks to help the cookies stand upright. Get the recipe.

Brownie popcorn bags


Buttery popcorn can be so messy to eat—and who wants a stained dress on Oscar night? These popcorn-bag-shaped brownies are so much daintier. Just use mini marshmallows for the popcorn, and sanding sugar to create the iconic red-and-white-striped bag. Get the recipe.