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Are these the world's most confusing salt and pepper shakers?

These novelty salt and pepper shakers are shaking up social media.
Salt And Pepper Shakers On Table
Sunlit salt & pepper on a table casting a long shadowCristina Pedreira / EyeEm / Getty Images stock
/ Source: TODAY

When Garret Burns' girlfriend bought him a cute set of salt and pepper shakers, she probably never expected that they would spark a multi-platform social media debate. But after Burns posted a TikTok video of himself sharing his confusion over the gift, that's exactly what happened.

It all started the other day when Burns introduced his followers to the two shakers, which read, "You're the salt" and "To my pepper." Naturally, Burns was a bit confused about which shaker to use for salt and immediately started philosophizing.

"If these two shakers are talking to each other, which is kind of the vibe I get from this whole thing, this one is saying 'You're the salt' and then this one goes, 'To my pepper.' So this one's saying that it's not the salt and this one's saying that it is the pepper, so are they both pepper?" he asked the viewer.


These are an absolute paradox @morgan.rn

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The TikTok community quickly came to Burns' aid and offered their own take on the polarizing debate, and he soon returned with a follow-up video.

He explained that some TikTok users were convinced that the shaker with less holes was for salt, but others strongly disagreed. One commenter even suggested putting mustard in both of them (why not?). After all was said and done, Burns made the following admission: "I don't think anybody actually knows. I think I found a different thing we can argue about on this app, so that's pretty cool."


Please help me figure this out you guys ##fyp

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The debate moved to Twitter when BuzzFeed editor Elamin Abdelmahmoud posted the following reaction to the video on his account: "I am having an absolute meltdown."

Most Twitter users seemed equally perplexed by the unlikely quandary.

After a stressful couple of months, some folks just couldn't handle the confusion.

One of Abdelmahmoud's clever followers had the perfect solution to the kitchen conundrum and taped photos of the hip hop group Salt-N-Pepa on their own shakers.

Similar to those on TikTok, Twitter users also started to debate how many holes both salt and shakers should have.

Overall, everyone seemed pretty sympathetic to Burns' dilemma.

Burns didn't leave social media users hanging for too long. Shortly after the debate exploded, he filmed a third video to announce what he had decided to do with the shakers, and he was definitely influenced by some of those who weighed in on his post.

"One of the prevailing arguments was that this one says salt and so when you read salt your brain goes immediately to salt so I put salt in that one," he said. "And then in this one, like obviously, well I can't really get anything out. I put mustard."

And now you can sleep at night, knowing he's got salt and mustard sitting side-by-side on his dining room table.