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Is that you, Guy? Hundreds of people are posting their Guy Fieri costumes

Throw on a blonde wig, grab a plate of sliders and drive on over to Flavortown.
2019 Stagecoach Festival - Day 1
Guy Fieri has been a popular Halloween costume among Food Network fans for years. Scott Dudelson / Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

Unicorns. Super heroes. Vampires. Guy Fieris?

Every year on Halloween night, millions of imaginary creatures flock to the streets to get candy or attend costume parties. For several years running, among those magical beings are hundreds (possibly thousands) of Guy Fieris. And no one is more excited about it than the Mayor of Flavortown himself.

Fieri has appreciated his fans' commitment to being him for Halloween for many seasons. So this year, the Food Network star created an official thread on Twitter to track and retweet his favorite spiky haired humans.

"Treat this tweet as the official chain for allllll those pics of you all dressed up as me for Halloween. I’ll be retweetin’ the best costumes from now ‘till the 31st," the celebrity chef posted Wednesday.

The photos swiftly came pouring in from fans across the country and beyond. There were men, women and children of all ages.

By Thursday afternoon, he'd received so many best-dressed "Guys," Fieri announced that Ergo Chef Knives would award a winner with a set of knives fit for a king (or mayor).

When it comes to culinary personalities, Fieri's is pretty flawless. While he is a mortal like most of us (we think), his enthusiastic persona and signature look have made him an ideal celebrity to mimic. All you need to do is get some blonde, spiky tips (hair dye or a wig), a bright bandana, a cool-yet-casual button down shirt with flames, and, of course, wear your sunglasses backwards.

Even other food stars, like Chrissy Teigen, wanna be Fieri — at least for one night.

Whether folks commit to dying their hair, go out and buy a ready-made "Governor of Tasteville" costume (yes, that's a thing) or just wear a swimsuit with Fieri's face on it, Fieri seems to be loving it all.

Fieri's fans might love chillaxing as much as the TV host but they take their outfits pretty seriously on Halloween.

They've mastered every detail.

All types of people have taken it to the next level to honor their beloved Fieri.

Should Fieri be watching his back?

There might be a whole lot of Guys coming for you, Guy.