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These 3 easy dessert recipes make the perfect gift for any Thanksgiving host

Never show up empty-handed to a party!
/ Source: TODAY

Chef Anthony Contrino's family has a saying: "Never show up with your arms swinging," which means you should never come to a party empty-handed. What's one of the best things to bring to a holiday gathering? Food, of course! That's why in this week's episode of TODAY All Day's "Saucy," Anthony is showcasing three festive fall treats that are perfect to whip up before heading to Thanksgiving, or any get-together.

I’ve been making this sweet pumpkin loaf since my good friend Dawn first shared her recipe with me nearly 20 years ago. Since then, I've made a few minor tweaks and it's become my most-requested recipe. It yields two loaves, which is perfect because then you'll always have something extra to give out as a gift. I love this bread because it's super moist and makes a great breakfast or anytime snack.

Sometimes I think bars are underrated. They have the characteristics of multiple desserts at once, which makes them perfect for indecisive sweet cravings. These bars have strong cookie, pie and cobbler vibes all in one. While the sour cherry gives a vibrant tartness that I happen to love, feel free to swap out with any jam you enjoy.

I love everything about fall: the chill in the air, the trees changing colors and, most of all, the flavors and scents of the season. This apple cider will warm you from the inside out and is just boozy enough for those who want a more adult version of the seasonal beverage. When bottled up or brought to a party in the slow cooker, it makes a great hostess gift for cozy feasts.