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Are you saying 'pecan' correctly? 66% of Americans polled say it this way

The American Pecan Council asked, and America answered.
Nearly 361,000 nut-lovers cast their votes on which pecan pronunciation is the correct one.
Nearly 361,000 nut-lovers cast their votes on which pecan pronunciation is the correct one.TODAY Illustration / Getty Images
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You say "tomato," I say "tom-AH-to;" you say "potato," I say "pa-TAH-to." We can agree to disagree there, but if there's one way to disrupt Thanksgiving dinner, it's a debate over how to pronounce "pecan."

Is it "PEA-can" or puh-CON?" Is the variance a regional thing or just a personal preference? Whatever the reason, this nut has a divisive way about it. Some food debates may never be settled, like whether pineapple belongs on pizza or if peanut butter and jelly should exist on the same side of the sandwich.

In an attempt to cook up some answers before the good people of this country start baking their pecan pies, the American Pecan Council (yes, it's a thing) created a survey.

On Oct. 27, the council launched a friendly debate and invited Americans to vote on which pecan pronunciation is the correct one. To make things more fun (or shall we say ... nutty?), anyone who participated in the The Super Safe Pecan Debate were automatically entered into a contest. Winners will be announced Nov. 20 and will get to enjoy pecan-related prizes like a pecan blanket with a personal snacking pocket (obviously putting pecan pie in mine).

When the polls closed Thursday night, it became clear how many people are passionate about pecans. Nearly 361,000 nut-lovers cast ballots and "puh-CON" came out victorious. "PEA-can" earned 34% of the popular vote and 66% committed to "puh-CON." There is no pecan college, for those who are wondering.

So now that America has spoken, let's get down to what's really important here: putting those "puh-CONS" into some pies. In honor of this divisive little nut, here are some of TODAY's favorite pecan pie recipes.

Pecan Pie

Pecan Pie

B.J. Chester-Tamayo

No matter how you say it, we can all agree that a sweet pecan pie with a perfectly flaky crust is always a special treat. It is a pie that some only cook once or twice a year for Thanksgiving or Christmas, but maybe it should have a place on the table all year round.

Maple-Pecan Pie

Maple-Pecan Pie

Briana Carson

The delicious southern staple gets a nod to the Northeast with some maple syrup. The syrup makes the smoky nuts even sweeter and is balanced out nicely with some orange zest.

Chocolate Pecan Pie

Chocolate fiends and people partial to pecan pie don't have to choose between the two. Combine the luscious flavors into one pecan-brownie-pie hybrid for the ultimate holiday dessert.

Molasses and a splash of booze add extra depth of flavor to this custardy pecan pie, which is topped with a nice dollop of smooth whipped cream.

These gooey, sticky and utterly decadent pecan pie bars are an incredible substitute for the traditional Thanksgiving favorite. However, you don't even need an oven to make this recipe because it's raw, vegan, gluten-free and totally scrumptious.

No arguments, here.