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TODAY's Top Pie Bracket: See the winning Thanksgiving dessert

Which dessert is the apple of your pie?

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, so it's time to start menu planning. Now's the time to order (or buy) your turkey, take inventory of what's in your pantry and even start shopping. The turkey and its sides might take center stage on the big day, but equally as important are the desserts — specifically the pies.

While the appetizers and cocktails set the tone for the rest of the night, the pies close everything out on a sweet note.

So, when you're stuffed like a turkey, which pie are you asking for a slice of? Are you reaching for something super seasonal like pumpkin or sweet potato? Maybe something rich like pecan or chocolate cream? Or are you more in the mood for something fruity like apple, cherry or blueberry?

Enter: TODAY's Top Pie Bracket. We want you to vote on the pie that takes the cake. The apple of your pie. The one you only have pies for. The only thing you could possibly eat after second and third helpings of mac and cheese.

Each day, you'll pick which pie you prefer, and on Friday, we'll announce TODAY's Top Pie.

The results of round one: Apple beat out sweet potato with an overwhelming 84% of the vote, while pumpkin easily took it from chocolate cream with 63%. Pecan dunked on strawberry-rhubarb with 73% of the vote, and cherry just barely secured its spot in the semifinals over blueberry with 57%.

The results of round two: Up against apple, pumpkin took it home with 56% of the vote, and pecan easily won over cherry with 65%.

And the winner is ... pumpkin pie!
And the winner is ... pumpkin pie!TODAY

Final results: Pumpkin pie took the win over pecan with 58% of the vote!

Now, take your pick of the pies here: