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Terry Crews brings back his legendary role from 'White Chicks' with Al

"Cheddar makes the chest bounce better."

In the season two premiere of Al Roker's original series "COLD CUTS," Al welcomes his buddy Terry Crews to discuss his prolific career and personal struggles.

The "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" actor, "America's Got Talent" host, husband, father of five, grandfather to one, human rights activist, former NFL player and high-end furniture salesman reveals that he still loves to sing "A Thousand Miles" (sorry, Vanessa Carlton).

Terry Crews and Al Roker discover just how much they really have in common on the latest episode of "COLD CUTS with Al Roker."TODAY

Terry makes a ham and cheddar cheese sandwich with yellow mustard, bacon and all of the veggies (which makes his pecs bounce), while recounting his journey to success — which included stints as a security guard and courtroom sketch artist — the details of his intermittent fasting schedule, the difficulties he's faced during his 30-year marriage and why he decided to come forward with his #MeToo story.

Al is piling on the meats and piling on the questions ... and doing quite a bit of dancing.

Feel like exercising (your jaw muscles) now? Learn how to make Terry's signature sandwich here:

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