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Make a meaty meal for Dad this Father's Day with recipes from Tasty

Tasty shares recipes for over-the top BBQ meatball bombs, burger bowls and teriyaki steak roll-ups for Father's Day.
/ Source: TODAY

Al and Shania Twain (what a duo!) are cooking up cheddar, bacon and ranch filled burger bowls from Tasty for Father's Day. Pair those with barbecue sauce glazed meatballs wrapped in bacon and tender teriyaki glazed steak and veggie roll-ups, and you've got yourself the meatiest meal to serve Dad.

Cheddar Bacon Ranch Burger Bowls

Making a burger into a bowl lets you maximize the amount of gooey, melty cheese you can add.

These meatballs have layers upon layers of flavor, literally! The onion shells help keep the meatballs moist and add flavor and texture. The melty cheese stuffing and the bacon and barbecue sauce combo takes them to another level of delicious.

Marinating the meat adds a ton of flavor and helps tenderize it. The great part of this recipe is that the marinade does double duty as a flavor infuser and a glaze.

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