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3 matcha green tea drinks to get this super food in your life

Try these tips and easy drink recipes to get a daily fix of matcha at home.
/ Source: TODAY

Super food matcha green tea is an excellent coffee alternative. Much like coffee, though, you have to find what works for you. And, like coffee, matcha is an acquired taste! But considering the health benefits, it’s worth a shot. Here, Jessica Lloyd, co-founder of PANATEA shares some tips and recipes for getting matcha in your life.

Matcha madness! How to cook with this trendy green tea

Tips for at-home use:

Experimenting is fun: Matcha is versatile. Adapt it to your own personal routine and taste (mixes well - smoothie, coconut water, lemonade, hot water, baking).

Storage: Refrigerate your matcha after opening it.

Traditional preparation tips

  1. It's all in the wrist: Hold your cup steady with one hand, while vigorously whisking with the other, in a quick back and forth “M” motion (here's an easy step by step video).
  2. Whisk maintenance: Rinse your whisk under cold water after each use and let it air dry.
  3. Water temperature is key: While you can use a calibrated kettle, regular kettle or microwave, the ideal temperature is 175-180 degrees.
Iced Matcha Arnold Palmer