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Take your green bean casserole to a whole new level with these recipes

We wouldn't dream of Thanksgiving without green bean casserole so we asked Katie Lee and Alex Guarnaschelli to share their amazing spins.
/ Source: TODAY

Green bean casserole: For many of us, it's just not Thanksgiving without a scoop of this beloved side dish next to the turkey. And while there's nothing wrong with the canned soup based version, we think you're going to love the upgraded recipes Katie Lee and Alex Guarnaschelli shared as part of TODAY Food's All-Star Thanksgiving.

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Katie Lee's has all the features of traditional green bean casserole, but everything is made from scratch instead of coming out of cans. Don't worry — her recipe is still fast and easy to make. Meanwhile, Alex Guarnaschelli adds cheff-y touches to her green bean casserole, including bacon and a garnish of fried Brussels sprouts leaves. Guarnaschelli's casserole is made completely on the stovetop, so it doesn't hog precious oven space. Your guests are going to love either one you choose.

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