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Taco Bell unveils tortilla chips based on 'Fire' and 'Mild' hot sauces

Is Taco Bell taking on Doritos with its new line of flavored tortilla chips?
/ Source: Today

Taco Bell fans, are you ready to get fired up?

Hot on the heels of their, well, hot, nacho fries that are taking the country by storm, Taco Bell is releasing a brand new snack food fusion — and you won't even have to go to the restaurant to get it.

This May, the fast food chain is releasing a line of flavored tortilla chips that will be available in grocery stores nationwide.

The chips, which will also be available in convenience stores, will be sold in three flavors, two of which ("Fire" and "Mild") are based on hot sauce packets currently available at the chain.

The Mild chips are infused with flavors from three types of chili peppers and cumin, while Fire will bring the heat with hints of jalapeño, chili peppers and paprika. For those who prefer their tortilla chips without any extras, Taco Bell is also releasing a "Classic" chip that will simply be tossed in salt, like a traditional, restaurant-style tortilla chip.

This isn’t the first foray into the grocery aisle for Taco Bell, which already sells branded items like beans, taco shells and bottled hot sauces through a partnership with Kraft. However, these new chips are not part of the Kraft partnership.

“This launch of our first line of sauce packet-inspired chips gives our fans a new way to access a taste of Taco Bell,” said Marisa Thalberg, Taco Bell's chief brand officer. “Our sauce packets are one of the brand’s most unique aspects and were the natural choice for both the flavors and packaging of our tortilla chips.”

These spiced chips may seem like they're out to get Doritos (arguably the world's most popular flavored tortilla chip). But Taco Bell and Doritos have enjoyed a uniquely tasty partnership over the years, as evidenced by the wildly popular Doritos Locos Taco. Will the taco now be made with Taco Bell tortilla chips? Only time will tell.

Regardless, the internet is already pretty pumped about the new release:

Taco Bell has had a pretty exciting year, from the super-sweet Kit-Kat stuffed quesadillas to its clothing partnership with Forever 21.

And while a flavored chip launch might not be as wacky as a candy-stuffed tortilla, Taco Bell's most devoted fans will now be able to satisfy any craving for hot sauce around the clock.