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Fry fans rejoice! Taco Bell rolling out spicy fries for just $1

The rumors are true. Taco Bell's new french fries are crispy and spicy ... and they come with nacho cheese sauce.
/ Source: TODAY

Taco Bell has long been at the forefront of fulfilling cravings for fast food items we never knew we needed ever since the introduction of the Doritos Locos Tacos.

And while the menu is chock-full of filling Mexican-American favorites like burritos, Gorditas, quesadillas and more, there's one fast food staple that's been noticeably absent from Taco Bell's menu — until now.

Starting Jan. 25, Taco Bell is finally adding french fries to the menu. And this time, they won't be stuffed in burritos.

Taco Bell

The chain's new Nacho Fries will be seasoned in a “bold Mexican seasoning" and, unlike traditional fries which just need a little ketchup, Taco Bell's fries will come with a side of nacho cheese sauce for dipping. And perhaps best of all? An order of the fries is just $1.

Because this is Taco Bell, all fries can also be ordered Supreme-style for $2.49 or Bell Grande-style for $3.49, which means they'll come nacho-fied, with toppings like melted cheese, ground beef, pico de gallo, or sour cream. We imagine a few packets of Fire Sauce would compliment the whole thing quite nicely.

Needless to say, Taco Bell fans are enthusiastically relieved that their dream late night food orders with tacos and fries are about to come true.

This is the first time we've been able to order french fries as a side order at Taco Bell, but rumors have been swirling for years. Last month, Taco Bell tested the California Loaded Fries Burrito, a fry-stuffed burrito, at several restaurant locations. Since we'll soon be able to order fries and stuff them into any burrito we want, looks like that test was a success.