Sweet tooth? Try luscious carrot cake

This week, "Steal This Recipe" goes a little off the beaten path with a prized family recipe from Marianne Artinian which has been recently added to the menu at the infamous chain of Morton’s Steakhouses. 

Morton's Restaurant Group, Inc., is the world's largest operator of company-owned upscale steakhouses and is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.  The company owns and operates 80 Morton's steakhouses located in 68 cities in 28 states and Puerto Rico and five international locations (Toronto, Vancouver, Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau), as well as three Italian restaurants.

The relationship between Marianne Artinian and Morton’s is not by coincidence. Her son, Chris Artinian, is vice president of East Coast operations for Morton’s and is involved in the menu selection process for the national steakhouse chain. While taste-testing other carrot cakes being considered for the Morton’s menu, Chris shared with the founders that his mom’s 20-year-old recipe could easily beat out the competition. Marianne’s recipe secrets include “bathing” the cake in a buttermilk glaze, adding fresh pineapple and using twice the normal amount of frosting.

Klaus Fritsch, the co-founder of Morton’s, fell immediately in love with this recipe and the testing process began. After six months of rigorous testing in 12 locations, the carrot cake is now featured at all 80 Morton’s The Steakhouse locations nationwide.

About the chef: At age 66, Marianne Artinian remains committed to her first passion in life — cooking. Artinian’s culinary skills were only enjoyed by her family and friends until her carrot cake made its debut at Morton’s. Gracing the dessert menu at Morton’s is no small feat as this is the first new dessert added since the company’s addition of Key lime pie more than a decade ago.

Morton's The Steakhouse


Morton’s Carrot Cake is served at Morton’s for $10.25 to $11.50.

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12 to 14 restaurant servings
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