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Sweet news! Ben & Jerry's adds three new flavors — and they sound amazing

The new flavors are straight out of our childhood dreams and set to hit stores in the next few weeks.
/ Source: TODAY

The flavor gurus at Ben & Jerry's are back at it!

With ice cream weather just around the corner, the famed Vermont creamery has added three new pints to its popular "Core" series. (If you need a quick refresher, that's the extra dreamy one with columns of fudge, caramel or speculoos cookie butter running down the middle of each pint.)

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Ben & Jerry's new trio of Core flavors: brownie batter, coconuts for caramel and cookies & cream cheesecake
Ben & Jerry's

To concoct the new trifecta, the ice cream kings dug deep into our childhood dreams — or at least that's where we think they found them judging by the names: Brownie Batter, Coconuts for Caramel! and Cookies & Cream Cheesecake.

Here's a breakdown.

Brownie Batter: One side chocolate, the other vanilla, both studded with fudgy brownies from Greyston Bakery and joined a brownie batter core.

Coconuts for Caramel!: A tropical treat with caramel and sweet cream-coconut ice creams split by a pillar of gooey caramel.

Cookies & Cream Cheesecake: The most decadent of the trio, it calls for chocolate and cheesecake ice creams with bits of cocoa cookies, plus a creamy cheesecake center. Swoon.

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Winter has been a busy time for the dessert gurus — just last month, Ben & Jerry's jumped on the dairy-free bandwagon with a line of Hoda-approved vegan ice cream.

Think you've got what it takes to dream up the brand's creative frozen desserts?

Well, here's your chance. B&J is looking for new flavor gurus to help with global ice cream domination — er, expansion. Sure, you'll need a degree in food technology and experience developing ice cream, but unlimited scoops and trips to the Vermont factory? Count us in.