Sweet comeback: Al helps Twinkies make their return

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By Scott Stump

The "sweetest comeback in the history of ever" took place on TODAY Monday when Twinkies made their triumphant return to the with an assist from Al Roker.

After eight months of living in a Twinkie-less world when snack cake-maker Hostess shut down amid financial turmoil, the iconic treats were back on the shelves on Monday. Joining forces with mascot Twinkie the Kid, Al helped guide the first Twinkie-filled delivery truck to Rockefeller Plaza to commemorate the comeback.

“Let’s punch this thing,’’ Al said to Jessie, the delivery truck driver. “We’ve got a batch of Twinkies to deliver and no time to do it.”

Once the truck pulled on to the plaza, Al and fellow anchors Savannah Guthrie, Tamron Hall and Willie Geist began tossing Twinkies and Hostess CupCakes into the crowd to the TODAY fans. (Savannah also tucked a few away for later.)

Twinkies made their return on Rockefeller Plaza on TODAY Monday with the help of Twinkie the Kid. Rebecca Davis / Today

Hostess was bought by private equity firms C. Dean Metropoulos and Co. and Apollo Global Management for $410 million after shutting down in November. In addition to the return of the iconic Twinkie, other favorites like Ding Dongs and CupCakes are also back on the shelves.