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/ Source: TODAY
By Joy Bauer

Cutting out fatty meat from your diet doesn't have to be a huge obstacle (and you don't have to go all vegetarian either!)—just make these three easy changes to keep your slim-down going strong.

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swap: instead of a ½ rack of regular ribs, try pork tenderloin skewersShutterstock

Instead of BBQ ribs, try pork tenderloin skewers

BEFORE: 1,200 calories for a typical full rack order

AFTER: 416 calories for pork tenderloin “ribs” made on wood skewers

Swap once a week for a year and drop up to 12 pounds.

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instead of all-meat burger, try a meat-bean combo burgerRockit Ranch / Samantha Okazaki

Instead of a fatty beef burger, try a turkey-bean combo burger

BEFORE: 600 calories for a beef burger

AFTER: 275 calories for one made with ground turkey and black beans

Swap a few times per week for a year and drop up to 15 pounds.

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instead of fried chicken, try baked chicken tendersBrandon Goodwin / Kelly Senyei

Instead of fried chicken, try baked chicken tenders

BEFORE: 680 calories for 1 battered/fried chicken breast and thigh

AFTER: 330 calories for skinless, baked chicken tenders coated in whole-wheat bread crumbs

Swap a few times per week for a year and drop up to 16 pounds.

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