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Go beyond beans: Surprising uses for your coffee grinder

Chef Curtis Stone says you can use your coffee grinder to make homemade powdered sugar and all-natural decorations.
/ Source: TODAY

Like the garlic press and pizza cutter, the coffee grinder may seem like it is taking up a whole lot of real estate in your kitchen for a single use. But, according to Curtis Stone, it can be used for more than just grinding beans. Try using your coffee grinder to make homemade powdered sugar and all-natural decorations so the gadget can live up to its full potential.

1. Whip up homemade powdered sugar

Getting ready to dust your Easter dessert with powdered sugar, only to find out you’ve run out? No worries. Blitz granulated sugar in a clean coffee grinder to form powdered sugar in an instant.

2. Make all-natural food decorations

You can find a wide assortment of freeze-dried fruits and veggies in the supermarket. Use a clean coffee grinder to blitz them into a powder to use in a variety of ways. Try raspberries to make a raspberry powder that can be dusted over your cakes and desserts. Try peas to dust over savory dishes. At my restaurant Maude, we dehydrated our own fruits and veggies to make this ourselves. These flourishes add a touch of color and flavor to any dish.

Bonus: How to clean your coffee grinder

You can clean your grinder by blending bread in it. The bread collects the oils and absorbs the flavors.