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Uber Eats delivers more than just eats in absurd, star-studded Super Bowl ad

Does Uber Eats only deliver edible items? Jennifer Coolidge and other celebrities find out the hard way in a new Super Bowl ad.

Not everything that Uber Eats delivers is meant to be consumed, and several celebrities learn that the hard way in a hilarious new Super Bowl ad for the delivery service.

"The White Lotus" actor Jennifer Coolidge opens the 30-second spot in a scene that shows her standing in a kitchen with a package of aluminum foil in her hands. The 60-year-old stares at her Uber Eats delivery, which mostly includes edible items like eggs, bananas and milk, and poses a very philosophical question.

"If it was delivered with Uber Eats, does that mean I can 'Eats' it?" she asks, referring to the aluminum foil.

This is Jennifer Coolidge's first Super Bowl ad.
This is Jennifer Coolidge's first Super Bowl ad.Uber Eats

The next several scenes prove that Coolidge isn't the only one wondering if Uber Eats only delivers edible items. In one scene, a couple sits on a couch watching TV with their Uber Eats delivery (bottles and diapers) on the table in front of them. The woman suddenly reaches for a diaper and puts it in her mouth, but quickly realizes it's not meant to be consumed.

"It says 'Eats'!" she tells her partner. "It's a diaper," he replies, somewhat incredulously.

Up next, "Succession" star Nicholas Braun chugs some dish soap and declares, "This tastes bad."

Gwyneth Paltrow then appears with her brand Goop's infamous vagina-scented candle and bites into it. "Ooh," she says, and doesn't seem all that upset by the taste.

Gwyneth Paltrow's infamous candle makes an appearance in the ad.
Gwyneth Paltrow's infamous candle makes an appearance in the ad.Uber Eats

Comedian Trevor Noah makes the next cameo in the star-studded ad and says, "And thanks to Uber Eats, we don’t even know what food is anymore."

The camera then pans to a man spitting out a bunch of flowers and shows Braun shaking a sponge as he says, "This isn't food."

"We can't 'Eats' any of this," Coolidge says in frustration as she appears to chomp on some paper towels.

We're LOL'ing while watching this ad.
We're LOL'ing while watching this ad.Uber Eats

Coolidge appeared on the 3rd Hour of TODAY Tuesday and revealed that she did actually chew up the paper towels while filming the ad. She also explained that the lipstick she eats in a separate teaser video for the ad was actually white chocolate.

"We had a great prop person," she said.

The ad ends with Braun and Coolidge standing in the kitchen; Braun points at the Uber Eats bag and declares, "That bag's a liar."

"Yeah," Coolidge agrees. "I just got so excited."