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Jack Harlow plays the triangle like a pro in Doritos Super Bowl ad — and is upstaged by a legend

The 24-year-old rapper discusses the new ad and reveals his favorite Doritos flavors in an interview with
/ Source: TODAY

Jack Harlow is showing off his triangle-playing skills while enjoying a favorite snack from his childhood in a 2023 Super Bowl commercial.

Talking to, the 24-year-old says the goofy 90-second Doritos ad, featuring stars like Missy Elliott and Elton John, is focused around a "try-another-angle concept."

"I think it's important to look at things in a new way, find ways to refresh because being a creative can get monotonous," he says. "So it’s a funny concept, but it’s real."

In the ad, Harlow is shown listening to his hit "Dua Lipa" in the studio when he hits a roadblock, saying the tune isn't right and he needs to "try something new." In that moment, he's inspired by a woman snacking on Doritos and a nearby triangle instrument. In no time, his triangle-playing "takes the world by storm," as he says in the interview.

In the next scene, fans can be seen going crazy as Harlow hits the triangle on center stage. Elliott then questions his decision to quit rap to become a famous triangle player, to which Harlow responds, "I got to do me, Missy."

Harlow is subsequently shown guiding and critiquing a class full of students on how to play the triangle. Suddenly, triangles are everywhere and journalists are calling it "triangle fever."

In a plot twist during the final moments of the commercial, an award show is naming the best triangle player of the year. As Harlow snacks on a bag of Barbeque-flavored Doritos, the presenter announces John's name and the ad reveals the 75-year-old playing "Bennie and the Jets" on a giant triangle.

When asked how many Doritos chips he consumed while filming the commercial, Harlow replies "countless," adding, "That's a big perk."

Harlow says he grew up munching on the popular spicy chips and that he's "speaking from the heart" when he talks about enjoying them.

"I grew up on Doritos," he says. "Stopping at the gas station, getting the bag, hell yeah."

The "First Class" performer tells he has been recently converted into a Barbeque flavor lover, but calls Spicy Nacho and Spicy Sweet Chili his "childhood tops."

"I like spice," Harlow says. "You know, it surprises people, but I do."

In a 2020 "Everything Jack Harlow Eats in a Day" video for Harper’s Bazaar, he talked about his love for Spicy Nacho Doritos and revealed why he had to take a break from the chip.

"I had to give them up. My a------ was ablaze too many times," he said. "So now I punish myself every blue moon."

As for his Super Bowl plans on Sunday, Feb. 12, Harlow says he'll be having a Doritos party in Kentucky, his home state, with his family to watch the commercial "on the big screen." He jokes that people will only be allowed to eat Doritos this weekend.

"Nothing else is allowed. No water, nothing," Harlow says.

When asked if there's anything else he's looking forward to about the game aside from the newly released ad, Harlow responds, "Nope."

"I might just keep rewinding after it comes on," he laughs. "I might miss the rest of the game from rewinding."