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34 best Super Bowl snack recipes to fuel your team

Ready, set, snack!
/ Source: TODAY

Super Bowl Sunday 2023 is coming up — Feb. 12, to be specific — and we’re playing our best recipes for the ultimate game-day snacks spread.

The Super Bowl is an exciting event for football fans and food lovers alike. Whether you’re the person scouting out a prime spot in front of the screen or looking to land within closest reach of the Super Bowl appetizers (those pigs in blankets don’t stand a chance), focus is key. Scan the crowd, check out the spread, locate the path to the food table and execute your mission.

In addition to navigating to the perfect place at the party, a killer game day spread is key. Leading up to the main event (no, not the halftime show, we mean the pizza), there’s going to need to be some seriously tasty snacks. Salty snacks specifically work wonders on game day, probably because they accompany crisp beer or soda so well during this indulgent American occasion. Snacks are there to keep folks fueled up for all four quarters — plus overtime, if it comes to that. They’re often easy to make ahead, simple to transport if you’re heading over to someone else’s party, and great to serve on platters and bowls around the room to make sure all types of game-day guests are sustained through this high-energy day.

From flavored popcorn and homemade potato chips to quick dips and cheesy bites, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite Super Bowl recipes below. Ready, set, snack!

Pull-Apart Pigs in a Blanket

Why choose between pull-apart bread and pigs in blankets when you can combines them both? Paired with a beer cheese dip, it's the ultimate Super Bowl party snack.

Cheeseburger Sliders

Get ready for game day with these oven-baked sliders — no outdoor grilling or tailgating necessary. Ground beef is dressed up with cream cheese, onions and steak seasoning; the mixture is spread across Hawaiian rolls, baked quickly and served pull-apart-style.

Tailgate Nacho Packets

Nachos are a go-to favorite dish at any casual snacking event. On Super Bowl Sunday, the combination of crunchy chips, spicy toppings and melted cheese will make everyone happy — especially if each person gets their own individual packet of goodness.

Siri Daly's Sticky Ham Sandwiches

This delicious, crowd-pleasing sandwich is a must-make in the Daly household during football season. It's truly the perfect game-day snack.

With only four ingredients, this dip is super simple to make but is the epitome of Tex-Mex comfort food with the smoky chorizo and three types of ooey-gooey cheese.

Maple-Bacon Popcorn

What could be better than a big batch of hot, buttery popcorn? Well, bacon-topped popcorn. The sweet and salty flavors make this the most perfect almost-dessert-flavored snack for game day.

Shake Shack's Crinkle Cut Fries

With just three ingredients, you can replicate Shake Shack's famous crinkle-cut fries. They're easy to make ahead of time, freeze and cook on game day. Serve them with condiments like ketchup, Thousand Island dressing or even make a French fry bar at the table with cheese, chili, scallions and other fun toppings.

Tortilla Chip Casserole

Filled with so much flavor and Mexican-inspired flair, this Tex-Mex-style lasagna has texture, spice and so much personality. It's a comfort food that's got a nice layer of flavor without being too spicy for the kids too enjoy. It really is a winner any day of the week, but especially on game day.

Chili Cheese Tater Tot Nachos

Chili is the ultimate topping when it comes to game-day food, ideal for everything from hot dogs to burgers to nachos. These nachos use Tater Tots instead of tortilla chips. It makes this delicious dish even more comforting, perfect for the cold weather and watching the game.

No game day is complete without some sort of chip, and what better way to impress your friends than frying up your own! This recipe is super simple, requiring just four ingredients. The result is a perfectly crispy chip with a wonderfully salty tang — perfect for dipping in your favorite creamy dip.

Caramelized Onion Dip with Potato Chips

Speaking of dips, this creamy onion version can be made easily without resorting to packets of artificially flavored powdered soup mix. It just takes a little patience to let the onions cook to a rich, caramelized golden brown. This delicious dip is well worth the wait and can be made ahead of time.

Pig Candy

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Pig Candy

Erica Blaire Roby

This recipe is a fan-favorite because it can be used as a snack while waiting for longer dishes to cook. The rich saltiness of the pork belly is perfectly complemented by the sweetness of the caramelized brown sugar.

From the chip itself to the type of cheese, every ingredient serves an important purpose to complete this recipe for the most unforgettable nacho recipe ever.

Buffalo Cauliflower Bites

Craving something crispy coated in Buffalo sauce, but don't want wings? This is your recipe. It can be easily made vegan and really hits the spot when you're cheering on your favorite team.

So many easy, delicious chicken recipes start with store-bought or pre-roasted rotisserie chicken, and this recipe for chicken taquitos is no exception. The Mexican-inspired dish is perfect for parties. The Greek yogurt-based sauce, which is made with salsa, cilantro and lime, is a cool, creamy complement to the crunchiness and gentle heat of the taquitos.

3-ingredient Sausage Puffs

Yes, these fancy–pants puffs are a riff on classic pigs in blankets, but are made with puff pastry and cooked sausage in the place of canned biscuit dough and cocktail franks. Think slice and bake cookies, only they’re meaty, savory and you can serve them with beer or cocktails. Bonus: Aside from being amazing and easy, the sliced, unbaked puffs can be frozen ahead and baked as you need them.

Tostones with Mayo-Ketchup

Once the tostones are crispy hot out of the oil, all they need is a generous sprinkle of salt before serving. In Puerto Rico, tostones are generally served with one of two dipping sauces — either an herby garlic and citrus dip called mojo, or the local favorite, mayo-ketchup — an aptly named combo of (obviously) mayo and ketchup.

Pizza Bombs

Kids and adults alike will go head-to-head for a taste of these pizza bites, which are packed with two types of cheese (Parmesan and mozzarella), pepperoni and pancetta.

Buffalo Chicken Wings

You can't go wrong with this classic version of Buffalo chicken wings. They're a crowd-pleasing snack for any get-together, and especially great for a Super Bowl party.

Mario Carbone's mozzarella sticks are out-of-this-world delicious for any event. The melty mozzarella and crispy breading are the definition of classic comfort food. This recipe is tailor-made for entertaining but straight-forward enough for a family snack.

Cheesy Barbecue Popcorn

"Cheese popcorn and barbecue potato chips have always been two of my favorite snacks. When I was a kid, I would mix the two together to get the perfect salty, cheesy, sweet-heat bite! Now I just make my own fresh and it's so much better than microwave popcorn," says Jennifer Carroll.

Martha Stewart's Potato Chip Cookies

Crunchy, chewy, buttery, salty and sweet, these addictive treats from Martha Stewart satisfy every last corner of your palate.

This recipe looks unassuming but is packed full of flavor. It is great for parties — once your guests have had smoked eggs, they will never want to go back to regular deviled eggs.

Whip up a quick batch of these vegetarian-friendly poppers made with cauliflower for game day. Dredged in egg, breaded in gluten-free almond meal and tossed in warm, flavorful spices, these bite-sized florets are irresistible when they come sizzling out of the oven.

If you have good tomatoes, nothing could be simpler or better than a fresh salsa to dollop onto tacos, serve with grilled meat and fish, or just scoop up with chips. This one is made with jalapeño peppers, fresh cilantro, lime juice and garlic, too.

Perfect Guacamole with Pico de Gallo

It's hard to have salsa without guac! Based on stats: About 12% of Americans' annual avocado consumption happens during Super Bowl week. If that’s you, our all-time favorite guacamole recipe will be a winner.

In queso you're wondering what to serve at your Super Bowl party, we've got the answer right here: an easy queso that you can make in your slow cooker. It's gooey, salty, warm and exactly what you need to either drown your sorrows or celebrate a well-earned victory.

This is an irresistible collaboration of sweet, spicy and savory ingredients. It's one of Valerie Bertinelli's favorite appetizers to make for a party. They always go fast.

These salty snacks are inspired by a popular Midwestern dip that features briny pickles and cheese. The filling is literally good enough to eat with a spoon! These salty, spicy, creamy bites are a sure hit for any game-day get-together.

Deep-Fried Lasagna Bites

This recipe is the perfect way to enjoy pasta at a Super Bowl party. Because — let's face it — eating a full piece of lasagna with a plastic fork while standing up isn't pretty. These bite-sized, flavor-packed bites have the full experience of mouthwatering lasagna with some added crunch.

Skip the regular russets and dress up sweet potato skins with bacon and sour cream for an easy, crowd-pleasing snack.

These salty, crispy and cheesy bites are just plain addictive. They're also wildly easy to make. Simply wrap dill pickles in sliced havarti cheese and an egg roll wrapper, then pop in a deep-fryer until crispy.

Katie Lee loves making loaded fries recipes for friends because they have that desirable "ooh and aah" factor. Plus, you can serve them right on the baking sheet so they stay warm and cleanup is easier.

Crispy Feta Rolls

This snack brings the crunch factor. The briny cheese, nutty sesame seeds and spicy dipping sauce is an irresistible combination of flavors and textures.